Essential Oil Basics By now, I am guessing that you have heard about essential oils and all of the amazing benefits that come from using them. Here are the basics of essential oils for beginners! Have you ever looked up natural remedies for physical and mental ailments?! I’ll put money on the fact that you have, and one of the first search results that pop up has to do with essential oils! Want to know what, how, why, where, when…. and MORE? You’re in the right place, this is all

I am SO excited to be sharing my thoughts on Baby routines by age with you on Leah’s lovely blog! I am so honored! My two little guys also followed the same routines I’ll be sharing with you and they worked AMAZINGLY well for us.  In my post on how to establish a routine with your baby, I explained in great detail why babies need routine. Before I give some examples of baby routines by age, I’ll give a bit of a recap! The book that started Baby routines by

Putting a positive spin on motherhood is not an easy task for some. For me, it is really hard to admit how hard motherhood actually is. Becoming a mother can be a scary time. That’s just it, the bottom line is that being a mom is hard. And granted you see articles and posts about it all of the time, there are some things no one told me about being a mom and one of them is that some days it flat out SUCKS. That’s right, I said it, it

Are you ready for the big day? Being that it’s only 4 days from now, maybe you already have your gift for dad. But we do not! Why not come up with a small, short, QUICK list of the best Father’s Day Gift Ideas? So, I took this opportunity to share with you the best father’s day gifts from Amazon Prime that can be shipped to your house within the next two days! This list is quick, short and sweet with no fluff. It’s the best Father’s Day gift ideas

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