“So, are you guys done?” If you have ever spent more than say, three minutes at any gathering where parents of young children are present, the question will eventually be asked. Strangers will ask this of each other. Like, randomly. Standing around a park. Or at a birthday party. People you have never met and will probably never see again talk about this. And what do you say? Because how do you know when you are done having kids? Obviously, this question makes a lot of assumptions–from fertility to finances.

Chances are if you live on planet Earth you have heard of essential oils once or twice. These oils are quickly becoming common household items used for self-care, cleaning, and everything in between. If you’re still wondering what they are exactly, check out the “Essential Oils Basics” article! As a parent, it’s most likely very important for you to use non-toxic ingredients in your cooking. Wouldn’t you like to eliminate toxins from other things in life? Essential oils allow leading a more holistic lifestyle easy. And we could all use

Mother’s Worry and Anxiety is normal Worry and anxiety in motherhood is something that does get talked about, but not enough in my opinion. It is important to break the silence and TALK about mental health openly and honestly. Especially in motherhood. A Mother’s Worry and Anxiety is completely and totally normal, and rational! If this topic is something that you feel alone on, I can assure you, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! We can all work together in the community of motherhood to overcome fears of worry and anxiety. We are

Feeling Disconnected We all have moments where we get swept up in the busy-ness of life, or with emotions that we can sometimes completely disconnect from those we love the most. When that happens, we find ourselves longing to regain that connection. Today I’m going to share some ways you can reconnect with your kids when life gets crazy. I think it’s safe to say that life has definitely changed over the past several months. It feels like we’re in a constant state of limbo. Our current way of living

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