Finding the words isn’t always easy

With the recent events in Minnesota, it has been more than difficult to find words to explain feelings. You would think, as adults, we’d be able to simply find words. The issue is that there are so many emotions and only one word is not going to accurately describe all of the feelings coursing through our veins.

A few that come to mind are: Hate, Disgust, Sadness, Anger, Scared, Helpless, Hurt, Protective, Vulnerable, Pressured, Confused and the list goes on. Feel free to add your feelings in the comments so we know and understand that we are NOT alone in all of our feelings.

It is true that black lives matter, it is also true that all lives matter. I have never been racist, but see myself as a good judge of character. The color of your skin, your gender, or sexual orientation has NEVER mattered to me. It can be an advantage and disadvantage in giving everyone the benefit of the doubt but I do it anyways. Within the first minute of meeting someone, you can typically tell if they are a genuinely kind and respectful human being or if you should maybe steer clear of them.

Human being

That’s what we all are. Human beings. Not “that black person” or “that gay person” “that chick” “that dude” “that cop”. We’re just human and ALL should be treated as such. With respect until given a reason otherwise.

Until a human being gives you a legitimate reason to not like them, they should be given the benefit of the doubt. The past is in the past, let it go and move on.

A human being can believe whatever the hell they want to believe. Each person has THEIR OWN opinion. It’s how one expresses those opinions that end up having an impact on everyone else in the WORLD. Protest if you want to protest, I don’t give a shit. At least you have been peaceful about the entire thing.

But when you go ahead and riot, loot and burn a city to the ground… quite frankly all of your rights as a human being should be stripped. You are a terrible person that should not have any rights at all. You are a selfish asshole and justice will never be a thing, you are the problem, not the cops. Go the fuck home and mind your own business.

What about the cops?

Not every single cop is a bad cop. Unfortunately, they do exist and this makes me sick, and full of anger. It is their job to protect and serve, not to abuse their “power”. There have been several instances where cops of ANY skin color abuse the badge and the power that comes with it, this is NOT the FIRST instance. Karma is a huge bitch, and they will eventually get what they deserve.

Harsh? Nah… it’s the truth.

Violence is not the answer

Protesting? Sure! You won’t catch me protesting, it’s just not my thing. It does get a little far when freeways are being blocked. But at least they are doing things in peace when it comes to the death of George Floyd. They have the right to protest for justice.

Where did these rioters and looters come from anyways? Why is it necessary to commit arson, throw things off of bridges, and harm completely innocent people. Put businesses out of work. Because the year 2020 needs more crazy shit as if a pandemic and murder hornets are not enough.

So what are the right words?

It depends on the person. Each person has their own words and each person is experiencing the entire situation in a different light. Some have lost their home and/or business. Those people are probably angry.

George Floyd’s family? Sad and upset. The loss of their loved one has been overshadowed and not allowed to grieve properly. They should be sad and not angry, but are both, RIGHTFULLY SO!

Me? As an innocent bystander and a Twin Cities resident, growing up in Minnesota… my feelings in one word (after a lot of thought) is pissed.

Pissed off that one of our own officers murdered a man, pissed off that the situation was yet again, a white cop and a black citizen. Pissed off that protesters cannot protest as peaceful as they normally would. Pissed off that our cities now are living in fear of what tomorrow brings, another fire? Another store looted? We do not know and are extremely uncertain.

What do we do

We only do what we can do. Protect ourselves and our family. Stand up for our state. Take things one day at a time.

If you were to drive downtown Minneapolis/St. Paul right now, you would see business boarded up, you’d see the national guard and law enforcement from all over lining the streets. Protesters still doing their thing, a memorial for George Floyd. Citizens in masks helping CLEAN and PICK UP after shitty people DESTROYED the city at an unnecessary level.

This site you might see changes things and feelings. It changes them to a point that can be easily brought to words such as hopeful, caring, united, giving, compassionate, happy, joyful, and loving.

Take from it what you may. It is YOUR choice. It is your life and your feelings and you have every right in the world to feel that way. It’s time to move forward into a more positive light. Stand together Minnesota and unite. Everyone needs someone. Give your family and loved ones a hug, tell them you love them, and never EVER take any day for granted.

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