Summer toys for kids under 5 – The hottest summer toys

These cool kid toys will keep your children entertained for hours and are perfect for toddler play! Toddlers and children under 5 will love these fun children toys that are the perfect gift for children. #coolkidtoys #childrentoys #giftforchildren

Summer is right around the corner, and if you know that our family is from the Land of 10,000 lakes, then you know how excited we are for warmer weather. Better yet, days outside to play with the kids and burn off some serious energy with only THE BEST summer toys for kids!

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We have a toddler that will turn two at the end of summer and an almost-4-year-old! They have a few toys that are favorites for summer and quite frankly, mom and dad couldn’t live without either. Our boys both love to be outdoors at all times. Some days we even have to bring the outside in (which is not mom’s first idea of fun) but it keeps the kids away from TV and helps them to burn energy.

Let’s get our list on! Starting with the best toys for the younger kids, like toddlers.

Ride-on toys

This specific ride-on toy has been the most popular summer toys for kids with both of our boys before they turned 2. It’s perfect for them to fit on and use their feet to push around. And it makes noise. SO. MUCH. NOISE. So, just be ready for that! Not to mention, they love putting rocks, mulch, grass, bugs, and anything they can find, under the seat to take it somewhere else and dump it where it’s not supposed to be. But hey… at least they are having fun and moving!

It’s no wonder ride-on toys are some of the best summer toys for kids, you can even bring them inside during the cooler or rainy days!

The Cozy Coupe

Everyone knows the good old cozy coupe! Ours, of course, had to have a bit of a boy-flare to it so we opted to go with a monster-truck type look! It has been, by far, the best birthday gift for our first-born when he was a toddler. The handle makes it easy to push around the cul-de-sac and the trunk opens for them to put unnecessary things in!

Are you even ready for summer if you don’t have a wagon?

That’s right, so simple yet easy to forget. We went two full years with no wagon and had no clue what we were missing out on! Kids think it’s so much fun to ride in something different on your daily walks, something that is NOT a stroller! They can burn some energy by pulling siblings or friends around too. And believe me when I say, mom and dad, will get some use out of it too! It fits a cooler perfectly, imagine that!

Get pedaling skills started young with a big wheel

The perfect way to get a toddler learning how to pedal is starting with a big wheel! And no, they are not only for boys, come on now! I’m actually more of a fan of the pink and purple big wheels, they seem to have more flare.

Battery ATV

This, now THIS has been a HUGE HIT for not only boys that come over to play, but the girls too. This little ATV has a 6-volt battery, and it’s specifically for ages 1-2. With the simple push of a button, toddlers learn how to steer and get used to moving on an automatic toy! Then after that, they move onto the big stuff.

These cool kid toys will keep your children entertained for hours and are perfect for toddler play! Toddlers and children under 5 will love these fun children toys that are the perfect gift for children. #coolkidtoys #childrentoys #giftforchildren

Toddler to 5 years old summer toys for kids

Maybe you’re not quite ready for the big-kid toys, and it would be better suited for you to review a list of toys for babies under 6 months old. Lucky for you, I have the list of top toys for kids under 6 months right here!

If you are you ready for toddler and up toys then let’s move on! (I’m sure not ready) but here we are with an almost-4-year-old riding a true ATV, pedaling a bicycle on our walks (even though he still prefers the Stryder bike) and mowing the lawn with daddy on his “fast tractor”. Let’s review some of these toys!

Case tractor

There are so many auto tractors, trucks, jeeps and cars out there for kids 3 and up. Our oldest calls this his “fast tractor”. He can keep up with daddy while mowing the lawn. His Case tractor is by far a favorite, but it’ll be time for an upgrade here soon so both boys can fit in the same toys because there’s quite a bit of fighting going on over one seat! Just the other day I saw a dad chasing his daughter in her car, he was on the mower and she was in her little convertible car.

The joy, laughter and family bonding time with these toys make it all worth it.

Stryder Bike

Not many people have heard of this one, it’s quickly becoming one of the most popular summer toys for kids as the summers pass. Read reviews for yourself on this bad-boy of a bike. You might be able to forget the training wheels all-together!

Belive it or not, the seat on these things go low enough for a 20 month old to walk with it. The idea of these bikes is for balance, no pedals make it easy for kids to put their feet down quickly, and use their feet to control speed and balance.

Just please, don’t forget a helmet!

Bicycle with training wheels

The Stryder bike isn’t for all kids and some might prefer just a good old bike with training wheels! We happen to have both, that each get a ton of use on a daily basis!

Bring on the all-ages summer toys for kids!

There are three toys I want to list here. These CANNOT be forgotten! Two words for you: water and playground.

You better believe it, if you’re going to get ANY new summer toys for kids this year, let it be a kiddie pool and a playground in addition to a water-table.

Water Table

A water table can be used on those cooler days or even those days when mom doesn’t want to drag out the suits and swim diapers. Which, let’s be real, changing multiple kids into a swimsuit and swim diapers can take for-ev-er!

Kiddie pool

Your options are endless with kiddie pools. I could do an entire article on kiddy pools with over a dozen different kinds!

We chose to keep it small and simple, being that we also have a large above ground pool. These are far safer for those toddlers that aren’t exactly stable standing or walking yet!


It’s great to have a full swing set in the backyard, but not every house or yard has the room for one! A perfect alternative is a smaller playground you can keep outdoors for the summer months, and even bring indoors during the winter. There are so many add-ons for these play grounds, the options

These cool kid toys will keep your children entertained for hours and are perfect for toddler play! Toddlers and children under 5 will love these fun children toys that are the perfect gift for children. #coolkidtoys #childrentoys #giftforchildren

Get outside and enjoy

Kids crave activity and fresh air. Even for adults getting outside and vitamin D does the body good both mentally and physically. You will feel better, sleep better and find yourself to be more productive throughout the day. Grab some toys for those kiddos and get outside to burn energy being active and having some fun with these summer toys for kids!

Take advantage of the short summer months and make the most of it. And if you’re planning for your first-born, not quite ready for the toys I mentioned today then start with a registry list and add some toys that are great for newborns!

Cheers, mama!

Leah Custer
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