20 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is coming! And granted she might just want the day to herself or a day with her family… there are always other great gifts at an affordable price to get mom for this special day. Here are 20 Mother’s day gift ideas for you! Some cost money, some do not. Either way, start shopping now and get things ordered so you don’t miss out!

Or don’t go shopping, and give one of the thoughtful, perfectly free ideas below to mom for Mother’s Day!

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A day with no kids

Every mom can use a break once in a while, and this is COMPLETELY FREE. Pawn the kids off on someone else, and let mom have a spa day or just a day to relax at home in the sun (we hope) with no screaming, no cooking and no RUNNING after toddlers that can’t sit still.

Perfect gift. Perfectly free.

Spa Day

Now maybe you’re able to grab a gift card to your local spa, this is great! Get her a facial, a massage, mani and pedi, full day or half day, it doesn’t really matter. This day is for mom, and she deserves to take care of herself for once. Let her have this day!

Being that this year, the year of 2020, is a year of quarantine… maybe this one isn’t as easy or possible as it seems. So then the next best option is our next genius idea!

Spa-like Products for mom that are chemical and toxin-free

For some families, a spa might be a bit on the spendy side too, so why not treat her to some spa-specific gifts? Like a mask to do her own facial with, or her very own manicure/pedicure soak?! This link, under gifts, there is an entire “Mother’s Day shop”! Not only do they have the perfect gifts for mom, but Beautycounter also promotes better beauty with safer products that do not contain harsh chemicals. Oh… and they smell REALLY GOOD!

Not to mention, if you are a first time shopper with Beautycounter and order online, get 20% off. Tell them Leah sent you!

Professional Massage

Here’s another great gift card idea! To your local massage place.

Massage Chair for home

Or again, since the year of 2020 we are all stuck at home with really no place to go, such as a professional massage place, then the next best alternative would be a massage chair!

I received one as a Christmas gift last year from my husband and the kids. This chair is an amazing gift, and I use it AT LEAST twice per week and it works wonders after those long stressful days at work and with the kids.

Home Decor/Photos

I don’t know about other moms, but I love photos and wall art/wall decor. You can print cheap wall art here on Etsy, and order a nice frame from Amazon. You have an affordable gift in a matter of minutes!

Stuck on what to get mom for Mother's Day? Here's a list of 15 cheap, easy and affordable thigns to get mom for the special day. #mothersday #motherhood #mom #mothering

Essential Oils

Now not everyone is a geek for essential oils like I am. This can be a tough one, and probably not on the cheaper side of things but by far the most therapeutic. The easiest way to go about doing this is by getting a premium starter kit for essential oils. You have everything she needs in one kit, and she can utilize each and every gift in the kit! Lavender oil is a TOP favorite, and I bet mom can use it to help be calmer. If mommy’s happy, everyone’s happy.

Don’t forget to jot down my information for mom if you order her this kit! I will share the hows, what’s and why’s with her. Use the link above, “become a member” and use ID# 17777049. then I’ll have your information to be able to also reach out AFTER Mother’s Day!

Have the kids make something

We LOVE when the kiddos make something! Paint a picture, color a picture, make a macaroni necklace? It’s a win-win if you really think about it. The kids stay busy AND the gift to mom is totally and completely affordable. You can even get flower pots that the kids can paint.

Flower pots full of flowers

Get mom a new flower pot! Then take her on an outing to pick out some of her favorite flowers. Spend the day outside planting and creating a flower garden full of color. Spring is in the air my friends, and it’s time to show off your flower gardening skills.

Bath and Body

Beautycounter has all of the best bath and body products you can possibly imagine. Use the link above and under gifts, go to the “Mother’s Day” section. Shop around! You might even find a little gift for yourself. All completely affordable.

There is one more bath and body product that I wanted to mention from Amazon. Last year, I got my mother a Himalayan salt scrub. She loved it and ended up ordering more on her own, it didn’t even last one year because she used it so often! This is such a great relaxing scrub to use in a nice warm bubble bath

Cook her dinner

What’s her favorite dinner? Whether it be salmon, a salad, or a huge cheeseburger…. why don’t you let her sit and chill while you cook up the most delicious dinner she’s ever had. And you know it will be…. because all that she cares about is that she DOESN’T have to lift a finger on Mother’s Day! This means cooking AND cleaning it up.

Take her OUT to dinner

With kids, without kids, either way…. if she doesn’t have to cook (which I’ve already mentioned), she will be one happy camper. Load up and ship out to her favorite restaurant, or get take out to eat at home (this is because of course… quarantine).

Time to start shopping for mom! Get her the perfect Mother's Day gift that easy and affordable. #mothersday #giftideas #motherhood #mom

Coffee and/or Wine

Gourmet coffee, or even a gourmet coffee sampler with different flavors. Grab a new fun glass from Amazon or Etsy to go with it (I love glasses…. I hoard them) and let her drink her coffee in peace in the morning and a glass of red (or white?) in the evening alone.

If you need something a bit stronger than gourmet coffee, then maybe a nice bottle of red wine. Or white, whichever she prefers! Then when she is drinking the wine, LEAVE HER BE IN PEACE! There is nothing like a nice glass of red in the peace and quiet.


Godiva, it’s the best of the best. That or Lindors chocolates. Mmm… just thinking about the white Lindors chocolate makes my mouth water. It’s true, chocolate is the way to girl’s heart.

That thing she mentioned 2 months ago that you’ve forgotten about

She did…. she mentioned SOMETHING two months ago that you’ve probably already forgotten. SO ASK! Well hey…. there’s a thought. Just ASK her. First of all, apologize that you’ve forgotten, and second, REMEMBER it this time. Order it ASAP, or write it down so you don’t forget. My personal self mentioned a new tablet a while back… I’m sure that’s probably not coming my way this year, but that’s alright. It’ll be interesting to see if he reads this and remembers.

Gift ideas for Mother's Day. Start shopping so you don't miss out on sales and deals. #mom #mother #mothering #mothersday2020

There you have it. Mother’s Day Gift Ideas with alternatives because you know… quarantine. Please remember to THANK your mom for all she does. She really is a superhero that goes unrecognized and is severely underappreciated. Show her your love and appreciation this Mother’s Day with a hug and an “I love you, thank you for all you do”. Because really. That’s all that matters.

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