20 Must-have items for your hospital bag

Get ready to bring home your newborn baby with this checklist of 20 must-have items for your hospital bag! You'll be ready for labor and delivery in no time. #laboranddelivery #musthaves #amazon #checklist #hospital #motherhood #newborn #baby

New and old, there are always so many things you WANT to take with you to the labor and delivery room, and things you actually need. This list of the top 20 Must-have items for your hospital bag for labor and delivery will help clear up what is NEEDED versus what is a preference. 

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There are always things that you want with you to be able to feel more comfortable in the postpartum room! If I learned anything from having two babies, there are things that I could have done WITH and WITHOUT. 

I’m so excited to share with you what I learned, and even what I would pack for a third baby! If you’re not quite ready to pack your hospital bag, then maybe check out items to put on your Amazon baby registry first! Don’t forget, we’ve got a freebie checklist for you at the end! (And TWO BONUS freebies to go with it)

The List: 20 Items to pack in your hospital bag

20 things to pack in your hospital bag. Get ready to bring home that newborn baby with this checklist of must-have items to bring with to the hospital. #pack #labor #delivery #motherhood

10 MUST HAVE items

  1. Some sort of electronic device (like a fire tablet) and headphones. Don’t forget the chargers. I have these wireless headphones and it made it so much easier because there are NO cords! You are going to already have enough cords hanging on around you, no need for the extra tangled mess. 

It was a LONG wait between when we got there until I actually had to push. We regretted not bringing a device that we could watch our own movies on and stream shows/movies. My husband got so bored! Yes, we should think about them too, mama might be scared, but it is very possible that they are even more scared than us! 

  1. Clothes for mama. I had two zip-up sweatshirts and nursing tanks. Two pairs of sweats. THAT’S IT! DO NOT OVERPACK CLOTHES! Granted you’ll be steaming hot one second, and FREEZING the next. But honestly, two tanks, two t’s, and one-two zip up sweatshirts and you’ll be golden. I loved my LOSE-FITTING sweat pants. Oh, get your own socks too… because the ones they give you aren’t the greatest. 

Along with the clothes, don’t forget YOUR OWN TOILETRIES! You’ll thank me later. Something about the smell of your own soap, your own loofa, face wash and lotion makes you feel better than you can ever imagine. 

  1. SNACKS. Oh my gosh, we missed this with our first and thank goodness for sister-in-laws… because she brought us two FULL grocery bags FULL of snacks (and summer handy)! Granola bars, trail mix, pretzels, and any other snacky-snacks that you think you’ll want for the (what might be very long) next day(s). 

For Baby and Dad

  1. Baby Clothes – this consists basically of long sleeve onesies with the little gloves that go over their fingers. Because their fingernails are so crazy long that they are bound to scratch their face. You’ll most likely get a sleep sack and hat to bring home from the hospital and a blanket.

In addition to the clothes, bring a blankie for babe. Two if you have pups so Dad can bring one home and let the dogs get used to the scent. I loved having our Aden blankets, they are SO LIGHT and they have BREATHABLE material. We also got this little lovie as a gift from a friend, our first-born is now three and still loves his “blue blankie”.

  1. Don’t’ forget about dad! My husband got so bored, I felt terrible for him. Make sure he brings HIS OWN PILLOW (you should bring your own too, mama. You won’t regret it). He should have a change of clothes in the bag also, with headphones and a device to watch movies/stream TV on. He will thank you later that you remembered him since from here on out, mama will be more about the baby than the husband. Have him pack a bag of snacks too, my husband almost missed the birth of our first-born because he was out getting food!

10 Preferred Items

Items to pack in your hospital bag for labor and delivery. Products that you will need, and products you might prefer to have with! #hospital #laboranddelivery #newborn #baby #motherhood

Now that you have 10 must-have items, here is the second half of 20 must-have items for your hospital bag, these are items that i preferred to have with!

  1. I preferred my OWN underwear and using the hospital’s pads and ice packs. Those ugly mesh underwear things are the most uncomfortable things I’ve ever worn. Just go on amazon, and get some EXTRA LARGE “granny-panties”.  I still wear mine, HAHAHA! Poor husband…. Nothing really sexy about these, but hey, they are comfy!
  1. Not sure about nursing? It’s okay to bring a couple of bottles and formula that YOU prefer. I did have a small container of Similac for fussiness and gas, and two SMALL Dr. Brown’s bottles. Only because I was not sure about nursing. 
  1. Your own diapers for baby. It’s not necessary, they have plenty there. Some prefer certain brand!
  1. A cute “going home” outfit – I would have regretted this if we didn’t bring one. I preferred to have ONE outfit to bring baby home in so we could get a good family photo. Etsy is a great place to find cute bringing home outfits!
  1. Nuks for babe – these are the number one favorite and recommended. Our first-born did NOT take nuks, our second one loves them. Nipple confusion blah-blah-blah… when you have a screaming child and this is the only thing that calms them down, you’ll be glad you had it with you. 

You’re Ready!

20 Must-have items from Amazon for your labor and delivery hospital bag! Get ready to deliver that little bundle of joy with these items. #baby #newborn #mother #hospital #labor #delivery

Now you are ready for your checklists! You are all set for labor and delivery with the 20 must-have items for your hospital bag. Maybe this is your first baby, second baby, or even your 5th baby. Are you prepared for more than one?! Here’s how to help a sibling get ready for bringing home another baby.

Either way, mama, you are going to do great. You are strong, and as a mother of more than one, just know and remember that our bodies were MADE for labor and delivery. Hospital or home, c-section or regular, meds or no meds…. our bodies were MADE to make human life.

And that, my fellow mama… is pretty damn amazing.


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