The best toys for babies younger than 6 months old

Top 10 best toys for babies younger than 6 months old. This list of baby toys promote sensory and brain development. #toys #baby #parenting #motherhood

How do I play with my baby?

How do you play with a baby?! Well at about 3 months, the baby starts to notice things more and more. A playmat is a great way to start almost instantly, and after that there are so many toys for babies that can help with brain development, fine motor skills AND sensory development. Let’s get down to the best toys for babies younger than 6 months old!

Not to mention, Amazon is THE BEST PLACE to shop ever. What mom doesn’t enjoy Amazon?! Free shipping and you don’t even need to leave the house. Which can be slightly challenging with a newborn baby.

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Infant toys 0-3 months

Play Mat

You can start with a play mat! You can use this instantly, let babe kick and learn how to roll. We have one with a piano on it. So when babe moves and grooves, they’ll figure out that it makes music! A playmat promotes movement and interaction. Even helps babe learn how to grab and pull things, a good start to sensory development.


These are another good one, they make noise and can help baby learn to grab and hold onto things! There are so many different types of rattles, pretty sure we have about 80 of them and every single one is amazing so I can’t even tell you what is the best!

Reclined seat

So we never realized what we were missing out on with our firstborn. We got a gift from a friend and it made life so much easier for us with our second-born, since we had a toddler running around and 2 dogs that are all of 60 pounds. It was a simple and affordable reclined seat that rocked and had the option of sitting still.

The best part is, it was super easy to move wherever I was. Babe could watch me make dinner, or sit in the living room and see everyone playing together at once. I even used in the bathroom while it was shower time for mama. The best gift we ever got for those early years.

Soft plush toys like a lovie!

This one has tags on it, which is great for sensory development. All lovies have different aspects to them, some are simple just a soft blanket, others have animal heads on them! Both of our kids STILL have their movies, and we don’t plan on taking them away any time soon.


We had a mirror almost everywhere when our boys were infants! They start to see and can be completely perplexed by the concept of a mirror. Not to mention, pretty sure a baby loves to see themselves just as much as we love to see them.

What toys to use to play with baby during the first 6 months of life. Ways to interact and play with your newborn baby at home! #motherhood #babies #infant #toys

3-6 month toys

Now that we’ve covered the best toys for babies younger than 3 months old, let’s continue on with The best toys for babies younger than 6 months old, yet older than 3 months.

Teething toys

Yup… you might think it’s not time, but it very well could be time! Stuffed animal toys with teething rings and crinkly books with teethers on them were favorites of our boys. I could never get them to take anything cold, we tried teething rings, we tried plain ice cubes, we tried mesh teethers… nothing worked. They’d much rather chew on something soft!

If all else fails with teething, Tylenol was our best friend and Motrin after 6 months of age.

Bouncer Seat

Babe will now want to be awake for longer and see what you’re up to! They love kicking their legs and eventually figure out that this thing bounces and makes noise when they do so! It’s the EASIEST thing to set them in when they are awake for a period of time.

Music and Lights

This is a huge hit, lights, and music! We have an 18-month old that STILL is absolutely mesmerized by flashing lights and musical things. Start them young, and hopefully, they won’t play some nonsense music as a teen (who knows… we’re not quite this far in life yet!)

Fat Brain Toys

Yes, Fat Brain. They are what they say… they make a baby’s brain fat! How? The different shapes and textures of some of these toys are made especially for young babies to promote sensory brain development. Our favorite is the dimples. When our son was about 6 months old, he would push on the dimples for MINUTES at a time, we couldn’t believe he would sit still for that long.

Another great one is the cups. It might seem early for this but it’s really not! Anything for you to sit WITH your baby and show them how to play and interact, is a wonderful way to encourage play.


Okay, so this one is fun! Especially when they start to crawl! Grab balls of all different shapes and textures, and ones that light up! There’s nothing like a fun colored toy to get a baby moving! (I mean, ours enjoyed crawling after a simple balloon) but hey…. same concept.

Balls are really good for babe to start learning hand/eye coordination. The Oball is by FAR the best for really young babies! You can roll a ball back and forth and eventually throw and kick. The giggles you hear are priceless.

It’s the simple things

Remember that babe wants nothing but you in these early stages of life. A simple game of peek-a-boo or fun catchy songs will be enough to get babe’s senses working.

Enjoy the first smiles, giggles, and rolls. You’ll never get those firsts back. You will learn to love and embrace those moments. Also know and remember that you have family, friends and an amazing support system to help you through some hard times (because if I’m being real… there are some of those too).

Drop a comment with a link to the best toys for babies younger than 6 months old! Help new mama’s find the best products for their baby!

10 toys from Amazon for babies 0-6 months old. A list of toys to promote sensory and brain development for babies. #motherhood #baby #toys

Cheers, mama!

Leah Custer
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