Activities to do with the kids during a quarantine

10 easy, simple activities to do with kids while you are stuck inside during quarantine. Click through to read the list! #activities #kidsactivities #quarantine

Are you stuck at home like the rest of the nation? Bored? Looking for something to do? Well here it is…. your list of 10 activities to do with the kids during a quarantine. I know they are probably screaming at you in the background while you read this…. so I just want to say good for you, mama. Take a break, that’s important! We’re all just trying to keep our sanity.

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Let’s get to this list, shall we?! Share your ideas below and comment so moms all over the world can get ideas of what to do with the kids to keep them busy.

Now I’m not a very artsy-fartsy mother. In fact, I feel bad for the kids because we never do any arts and crafts… it’s a weakness of mine! Instead, we get moving, play games and get outside. Here’s what you can do with your kids during this stressful and uncertain time.

Get Outside

Simple enough, right? So now you’re there and what do you do? Take a walk! Get those little legs moving. Dig out those summer toys, ride bike or trike. It’s the perfect time to learn some new skills! Draw chalk, make a fun hopscotch game.

Vitamin D is good for YOU too. This way, you BOTH benefit from being outdoors and you’ll feel better, more positive and get a better night’s sleep because of all of the fresh air. There are so many more activities to do with the kids during a quarantine outside!

Do a scavenger hunt

This is our newest/most favorite thing to do! It can be done inside OR outside. Have the kids pick out their favorite toy and take turns hiding it around the house. Give clues, and hide it in spots everywhere so those little bodies get a ton of exercise!

Exercise, which brings me to the next activity.

How to stay busy during quarantine. Activities for kids while you are trying to balance work and homeschooling. Time to get those kids busy with fun activities at home. #activities #kids #cheap #quarantine

Youtube Activities

Yes, so it’s TV, and that’s okay right now. Our new favorite is Cosmic Kids yoga! Our 3 year old ACTUALLY DOES IT! Well I mean, after we threaten to turn it off, he’ll jump up and start copying the fun yoga moves and listens to the story. We do the kids’ fitness video’s too, dance and move and do fun jumps. It gets mama moving too and believe me, you need that right now more than you know.


Why is it that kids seem to love puzzles? We have been hoarding puzzles for over a year, the Melissa and Doug puzzles are the best for kids. Noise or no noise, either way, they get a kick out of putting things together.

Get Messy

This may be hard for some parents, like me. Kids LOVE to make a mess. A BIG MESS. So let them. If you get over this, you’ll find that it’s much easier to find activities to do with the kids during a quarantine.

Set up a finger painting station. Layout big pieces of cardboard or any other types of paper that you can tape down and let them at it! Since we’re not allowed to go anywhere, guess you just need to order from the almighty Amazon. Or risk heading to target. That I will leave up to you!

Make a fort

Grab those cardboard boxes and sheets from the bed. Make the biggest badest fort you’ve ever seen! Bonus, play “camp out” and maybe they’ll take a nap? we can only hope and wish, right?

Do a pizza night in the fort with a movie favorite. Kids love things that are different, new and exciting, if you don’t make forts very often this is a PERFECT way to keep them busy, using their imagination.

Play hide and seek

Another great way to GET MOVING. I cannot stress MOVING enough. This requires absolutely no cost and no “things”. It doesn’t make a mess and there’s nothing to clean up at the end.

Let your kids use a flashlight to come find you, and hide in easy places for them to come get you. Before you know it, you’ll be playing for an hour and everyone will be worn out ready for a nap or night time.

Animal tag

Pick an animal, any animal! Make the noise and walk like that animal. “TAG”, then the person that got tagged needs to act like the animal you pick for them. Let your creative juices flow!

Make a race-track

Being that we’ve got two boys, our house is full of cars. All types of cars, tractors, and trains. Grab the tape from the drawer and make streets/tracks all over the floor!

Let them crawl around, do races, pretend to plow the field. The list is endless.

Include the kids in cooking/baking

This one gets tricky if they are sick. But if everyone is healthy, kids love to HELP (or so they think they are helping). Let them mix and pour. Give them their own utensils and play in the sink to practice coordination while you cook.

Let them pick what’s for dinner. Make a pizza together, let them pour the pasta sauce into the pan, or have them mix up the salad for you!

This also gives you the opportunity to practice GOOD handwashing skills, singing the ABC’s while they wash making sure they “scrub scrub scrub”.

A list of 10 easy cheap activities to do with the kids while you are stuck inside at home during quarantine. Get the kids moving and keep them busy with these activities! #kidsactivities #kids #active #ideas #quarantine

Take a breath

There you have it, 10 activities to do with the kids during a quarantine. I hope this helps get you moving and lets you take a breath once in a while. This list is for those mama’s who are not as creative as some and prefer to use mostly what they already have at home.

It’s difficult to get the store right now, or anywhere for that matter. So it is so important to get outside and keep everyone moving.

Try your best to enjoy this time with family, and know that we will come out of this crazy COVI19 pandemic. Here are a few ways that you can stay sane during this crazy time.

Now get those kids to bed at a decent time and pour yourself a tasty glass of red. Cheers, mama!

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