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10 breastfeeding essentials that are MUST-HAVES

Breastfeeding essentials for new mothers. If you plan on nursing, these 10 must have breastfeeding products should be on your list! #nursing #breastfeeding #breastmilk

Considering breastfeeding? There are some things that I have learned from nursing two babies for a full year. One of those things is that there are 10 breastfeeding essentials that are must-haves!

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Get ready to bookmark this page, and come back to it when you’re ready to start your breastfeeding journey. It is truly an amazing journey, and I was lucky enough for things to work out.

Side note, please do not be too hard on yourself if breastfeeding is not your thing, and if it is not working for you. It’s not worth the stress, it’s not worth the fight and the exhausting. Your baby needs the best YOU, and FED is BEST.

These products will just help you get started and help you to feel more prepared to nurse that beautiful baby about to arrive!

1. Nipple cream

Notice how this is my FIRST recommendation. Because yes. You will be sore. Your nipples will dry and crack and some new mama’s bleed. You will get used it and build up calluses and it will get better, I promise. But nipple cream will make things a little less painful for you!

2. Breastmilk bags

If you plan on going back to work or bottle-feeding down the road and pumping, you’ll need breastmilk storage bags! I love these, they’re simple, easy to use and on the cheaper end of things. You label with date and then put it into a bigger freezer bag. Bam.. .good for three months!

3. Pump

If you’re pumping, the S2 is the way to go! I did start with the Medela pump and didn’t like it all that much. Then for our second baby, I had the S2, and it made a world of a difference with efficiency and comfort! Not to mention, it was a LOT easier to carry around!

4. Bottles

Yes. I said it. Even though you plan on breastfeeding, please have bottles just in case. You never know, and do you really want a hungry, screaming, crying baby while someone is running to the store last minute to get bottles because there’s none in the house? I’ve heard the best thing about the tommy tippee’s. They are closest to that of a breast, and they have colic reducing bottles.

5. Snacks

Seriously, sounds funny… but you need to fuel up, mama. You need to pump your body full of nutritional snacks CONSTANTLY to keep up with that baby and their hunger! Keep some snacky things like trail mix, nuts, and granola bars on hand!

Breastfeeding essentials for new mothers. If you plan on nursing, these 10 must have breastfeeding products should be on your list! #nursing #breastfeeding #breastmilk

6. Nursing Cover

Maybe you don’t want one?! Who knows… but I had to have one. I am proud to be a nursing mother but also wanted to cover myself in public. This cover is stretchy and you can wear it as a scarf and even use it as a car seat cover for shading purposes. There are so many styles to pick from and they are definitely affordable!

7. Nursing Bras

Have a few of these lying around! It is difficult to find a brand that you like, trust and is comfortable. Motherhood Maternity was my favorite go-to brand for all things pregnancy and post-pregnancy!

8. Nursing Tanks/Tees/Clothes

Zip up hoodies are THE BEST for nursing!!! And here we go again, bragging about Motherhood Maternity clothes! Their nursing tanks are by far the best and have held up for me through two kids! You can find t-shirts, dresses and so many more styles of clothing that make nursing EASY!

9. Nursing Pillow or Boppy

The best advice from one nursing mother to another… get yourself some sort of nursing pillow or Boppy. This makes things easier and helps YOU be comfortable. Yes, life is about that new beautiful little bundle of joy of yours, but you want to think about yourself too. The Brest Friend nursing pillow is a popular choice among myself and nursing friends!

10. Water

Last but not least, the cheapest of all breastfeeding essentials… WATER. Not only will this help your supply, but it will also help you to stay hydrated, healthy and keep your skin glowing.

Breastfeeding essentials for new mothers. If you plan on nursing, these 10 must have breastfeeding products should be on your list! #nursing #breastfeeding #breastmilk

There you have it, my fellow nursing mother friends. Drop your favorite nursing essentials below to help those new moms out. Nursing can be a wonderful journey, but it is also not for everyone.

You do what’s best for you AND your baby. These breastfeeding tips and products are meant to help you and get you started on what could possibly be an absolutely amazing bonding journey for you and your little.

Cheers, mama!

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