10 breastfeeding essentials that are MUST-HAVES

Looking for breastfeeding tips? These breastfeeding essentials list will ensure that you have everything you need for breastfeeding and pumping! #breastfeedingtips #breastfeedingessentials #breastfeedingandpumping

Are you a new Mama thinking of embarking on the wonderful adventure of breastfeeding? After spending countless hours nourishing my two baby boys, I have learned a thing or two about breastfeeding essentials that are must-haves. Here is a list of the top 10 necessities and products for new breastfeeding Moms along with some breastfeeding tips!

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Get ready to bookmark this page, and come back to it when you’re ready to start your breastfeeding journey. It is truly an amazing journey, and I was lucky enough for things to work out.

Although, I am extremely blessed to have been able to breastfeed my babies for a year, keep in mind your baby needs the best version of YOU. If your breastfeeding journey is leaving you beyond exhausted, it is not worth the fight and stress of your mental and physical health.

Fed is best! Even if you are choosing to pump or use formula, some of these products will be just as helpful for you.

These products will just help you get started and help you to feel more prepared to nurse that beautiful baby about to arrive! Let’s get down to it, our list of breastfeeding essentials that are must-haves.

1. Nipple cream

Sore. Cracked. Dry. Bleeding…any of that ring a bell? In the beginning, it is very common for Mamas to experience some of these issues. However, you will get used to it as your body adjusts and it will get better. I PROMISE!

But…until then…my first breastfeeding tips is to use nipple cream. I recommend packing a tube in your hospital bag so you have it on hand during your first few days of nursing. Be sure to check out my list of must-have items for your hospital bag to ensure you are fully prepared for your stay. Nipple cream will make things a little less painful for you and it’ll kick off your breastfeeding journey better!

3. Pump

If you’re planning on going back to work or think you may bottle-feed down the road, be sure to get yourself a pump! Most insurances will cover you for a pump so be sure to check with your insurance company before heading to the store to buy one. Amazon is the perfect way to buy a new pump!

The Spectra S2 is the way to go! With my first baby I had the Medela pump, let me just say switching to the S2 made a world of difference with efficiency and comfort! An added bonus…it is much easier to carry around!

2. Breastmilk bags

Oh, the lovely breastmilk bags! There are so many to choose from. You will definitely want to have these on hand. I love these, they are simple, easy to use, and on the cheaper end of things.

Here are another one of my breastfeeding tips: Label your bag with the date and pop it in the freezer! Did you know breastmilk is good in the freezer for up to 6 months? You can also use breastmilk to make your own lotion, popsicles (perfect for those teething months!), and more for your little one. So, be sure to save up, it truly is liquid gold!

4. Bottles

Even if you plan on exclusively breastfeeding, I suggest having a few bottles on hand, just in case. You never know what life will throw at you and the last thing you want to be doing is trying to soothe a hungry screaming baby while your significant other frantically rushes to buy a bottle. It’s better to have a few and not need them rather than needing them and not having them. The Tommy tippee bottle has amazing reviews. They closely resemble a breast and have colic reducing features.

5. Snacks

Snacks on snacks on snacks! Keep ‘em nearby! Trust me…you will be hungry. Producing milk takes some serious work and you need to stay fueled up Mama! Be sure to keep those nutritional snacks on hand to ensure you are providing your body and your baby with the best. Some of my favorites are trail mix, nuts, and granola bars!

Halfway through our list, so let’s talk about breastfeeding tips and accessories for breastfeeding essentials that are must-haves!

Looking for breastfeeding tips? These breastfeeding essentials list will ensure that you have everything you need for breastfeeding and pumping! #breastfeedingtips #breastfeedingessentials #breastfeedingandpumping

6. Nursing Cover

Just like all things baby-related, there are many various styles of nursing covers. Maybe you are a Mama who plans on not using a nursing cover but hear me out. This cover is so versatile. It has many uses, it’s stretchy which makes for a great cover, it’s cute and can be worn as a scarf, and it can even be used as a car seat cover for providing additional shade! I love all the options available and it is definitely affordable.

7. Nursing Bras

Say goodbye to those pretty Victoria Secret bras for a while. Nursing bras are about to become your best friend. It may take trying a few different brands and styles that fit you best but once you find one you love, buy a few more! Motherhood Maternity was my favorite go-to brand for all things pregnancy!

8. Nursing Tanks/Tees/Clothes

Nursing tees and tanks make breastfeeding so much easier, especially when you are out and about running errands. Motherhood Maternity has great options to add to your nursing wardrobe. Their nursing tanks are by far the best. The ones I purchased have held up nicely through two kids! You can find t-shirts, dresses and so much more to add to your closet.

Pro breastfeeding tips: Zip-up hoodies are the best for nursing. Simply throw over a nursing tank and you’re good to go! Simple and easy.

9. Nursing Pillow or Boppy

The best advice I can give you, from one nursing mother to another… get yourself a pillow! Not just any kind of pillow, you will need a nursing pillow. The two most popular are the Boppy and The Brest Friend. A nursing pillow will definitely make those late nights a little bit easier and help you and baby stay comfortable. Yes, life is now about your new beautiful bundle of joy, but you want to think about yourself and your comfort too. The Brest Friend nursing pillow is a popular choice among myself and my nursing friends!

10. Water

Last but not least, the cheapest of all the breastfeeding essentials… WATER. Water is crucial to your supply. Not only will lots of water help you maintain your supply, but it will also help you to stay hydrated, healthy and keep your skin glowing. Breastmilk is composed of approximately 90% water so, drink up Mama!

Breastfeeding essentials for new mothers. If you plan on nursing, these 10 must have breastfeeding products should be on your list! #nursing #breastfeeding #breastmilk

These are the only breastfeeding essentials that are must-haves

There you have it, my fellow nursing friends…my top 10 breastfeeding essentials that are must-haves along with some breastfeeding tips to help you smoothly transition into a milk-making queen. Do you have a favorite product not listed above? Drop it below in a comment, I would love to hear what other Mamas find helpful!

Although nursing may present its own challenges, it can be a beautiful and rewarding journey. As always, remember, you do what’s best for you and your baby. These breastfeeding tips and products are meant to help you get started on what could possibly be an amazing bonding experience for you and your little one.

Cheers, mama!

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