10 Reasons why parenting is easier in 2020

Ever feel like parenting is one of the hardest jobs today? How do we parent when there is so much going on behind the scenes with social media? Well, let me tell you about my most recent “aha” moment. Read on to learn the 10 Reasons why parenting is easier in 2020.

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I was sitting in a mom group with 8 other moms who were going on about their issues with a new baby and their older kids. It felt like an eternity sitting there listening to these moms with their baby bjorn carriers and organic everything just endlessly complain.

I couldn’t help but think with each issue they brought to the group there was usually a simple solution that wouldn’t have been there even 20 years ago. I was convinced that I knew at least 10 reasons why parenting is easier in 2020.

Don’t get me wrong mamas, parenthood is a real struggle and a never-ending learning curve, but we have so much available to us in less than a second. Here are some little reminders of how being a parent today is easier than ever.

1. When you have a problem, Google it.

..or Pinterest, or join a Facebook group, or find an App that solves your problem. Does it ever amaze you how easy it is to find a solution in the walls of your own home? No longer do we have to call the doctor, call long-distant relatives, or rely on our own gut instinct. We are actually so overwhelmed with information on every topic, that it can be hard to find the best solution. What a problem!

2. Products that make the hardest stages of parenthood easier

Just to name a few, my favorite products that have made life with an infant easier range from postpartum products, to sleep products, to just containing a baby. 

Check out this Frida Mom Essential Postpartum Kit! Gone are the days of uncomfortable hospital products or not knowing what you will need for postpartum recovery. Mamas, be sure to check out the kit to see what you should plan for after labor and delivery.

Another product that blows me away are these bedside cribs or this on-the-go bassinet that is insanely easy to transport. 

Or how about the owlet baby monitor that puts any parents’ fears to rest with its advanced sleep tracker. Or this baby bouncer that is so simple it’s hard to believe it really does work like a charm. 

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3. Amazon

Need I say more? Just think about how much you rely on Amazon or a service online that provides you anything you can imagine with a click of a button. The insanely fast services that Amazon offers makes your life easier and less work. Seriously, you can do an entire baby registry just with Amazon!

4. Medical Interventions and Medications

Let’s think about the flu. These days it’s a mere phase and you will hardly find a mom in our side of the world today fearful of losing her baby to a sickness. Modern technology in the medical world has made our biggest fears nearly vanish. 

We can mindlessly take our children to the stores or on planes and not fear that we are putting them in serious harm’s way. Sure, they will probably get sick and it will be the longest nights of your life, but with today’s medical advancements you can feel more assured than ever. 

For this mama, I’m super into all things eco/natural/green, but I am so grateful that I have hospitals and professionals near me to take care of serious problems when it is beyond my control. 

5. Smart phones and capturing moments

I just recently started using the App called TheShortYears and it reminded me of how much we have in our hands that makes our lives easier. This App allows you to capture all the important milestones right from your phone, and then it creates it into a beautiful bound book. Truly one less thing I have to put energy into– and that makes me a happy mama in 2020.

6. You can parent however you want

I know some may eye roll at this because mom-shaming is everywhere on social media. But when you think about it, and ignore all the judgemental people, we aren’t chained into any one way of parenting. Women aren’t forced to stay at home, fathers don’t have to commit to a 9 to 5 job. If a certain lifestyle calls to you and your partner, then that choice is 100% yours to make. Some discipline techniques like 123-Magic might work for one, but not for another! You do what works for you!

7. It’s okay to have more roles than just mom

Moms you can BE who you want. I think about back before the 70s and how taboo a woman in the workforce was at that time. For decades, a woman’s role in life would be to raise children and be a mom. Their job, responsibility, and entire existence was to hold the title of mom. 

I know plenty of mamas who rock this role today and they have found life’s purpose through mommy-hood. But for a lot of us we don’t want just one title and have made a future for ourselves by carrying multiple hats. 

We are jet-setters, trend-setters, entrepreneurs, law-makers, advocates, medical professionals, civic duty workers, and so much more. Today’s average mom wears many hats and it has never been more encouraged to get out of the house-duties and find your passion.

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8. The dream idea your child has is a lot more realistic

With new ways of learning and modern technology, your child’s future is at most, unpredictable. Which means that anyone can become the next YouTube sensation or doctor. I have seen countless people switch their careers mid 30s and 40s only to find success in an entirely new field. I can’t imagine what careers will look like in the next 30 years, but I know that our children are capable of becoming a lot of things in this world today. 

9. DIY is easier than ever (and cheaper)

Just a quick Google search on the next project you want to undertake will give you thousands of solutions. You can follow step-by-step any project you can imagine through a blog or video. Anything from changing the speakers in your car to making a brand new bed frame is all doable with free instructions online.

Even buying materials are insanely cheap (and fast) with Amazon and other big department stores. Though I do have to give a shoutout to all the second-hand stores because the hidden gems you find in there are priceless and super cheap.

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 10. You are not alone

Finally, the 10th one of 10 Reasons why parenting is easier in 2020. No matter the loneliness you feel or sense of loss, you are surrounded by people who care for you and will do a lot for you to feel better, whether they are physically near you or someone you follow on social media. 

Personally, I felt really lonely in my third trimester of pregnancy and found a lot of comfort in hearing others go through the same thing. I shamelessly watched hours of influencers on YouTube talk about their mental health during pregnancy and joined a few mom boards on baby Apps. I felt like when no one in the world could see me and my problems, I could find something or someone relatable out there.

So mama, I hope you remember even on your lowest of days that you aren’t alone, and that you are not the only one to feel such strong emotions and have negative thoughts. Being a mom is a tough job that really feels like the ultimate roller coaster. Thankfully, this roller coaster has had a mega-update in 2020 and we can find help and purpose like never before. 

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Have you thought of other ways that we are lucky to be parenting in 2020? Aside from the 10 Reasons why parenting is easier in 2020? Or the complete opposite!? Comment below with your ideas!

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