The ultimate guide to your baby registry – 40 Amazon must-haves

Baby Registry Guide - top 40 amazon products
The ultimate baby registry guide for the new mom. 40 Amazon products that are must-haves on your baby registry.

Starting a registry for your soon-to-be-here new baby can be a daunting task! I took the work out of it for you, my fellow soon-to-be mama! This is the ultimate guide to your baby registry! The top Amazon products that are must-haves for your baby.

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Register for your registry first

First and foremost, you need to sign up here to create your Amazon baby registry! Then all you need to do, is click and add to your registry list. It’s seriously that simple!

It never hurts to register for MORE than what you think you need, you can always return items. You also do NOT know what baby will like and not like.

For instance, we lucked out with Dr. Brown’s bottles for BOTH of our kids, they took to them well. Yet, I know babies that will not drink out of a Dr. Browns bottle at all.

Without further ado, I give you, the Ultimate guide to your baby registry. You can find everything on Amazon. If you’re like me, you LIVE off of Amazon. After all, they are taking over the entire world!

The List of 40 Amazon Products to register for (categorized by age)

Top 25 products for newborns 1-3 months old

  • Dr. Browns Bottles – these are what worked for our kids! Designed to help reduce gas and tummy bubbles
  • Tommee Tippee bottles – the second most commonly used bottle for newborns
  • Pampers diapers – perfect for babies with sensitive skin. Our firstborn would ONLY wear pampers!
  • Pampers sensitive wipes – for those sensitive newborn baby bottoms
  • Changing pad and multiple covers – those will come in handy!
  • Travel Trio car seat and stroller – this will be a lifesaver the first few months for baby. Easy and simple to use is key!
  • Breast pump if you are planning on nursing – I used both the medela and Spectra, the Spectra has my vote on being efficient, and easy to use!
  • Onesies with finger covers – those baby nails are sharp. Cover them up without needing to get separate hand covers!
  • Safety kit – This has a thermometer and NAIL CLIPPER in it, yes, you’ll need to clip nails SOON!
  • Boppy – the most comfortable pillow on the planet for moms with newborns, and it serves the purpose of helping baby sit up later on! Oh, and tummy time.
  • Natural/Organic baby bath gift set – babies have the most sensitive skin, this specific brand has been the easiest for our kids!
  • Butt Paste – you’ll need this sooner than you think.
  • Bath Tub – it is so much easier to bathe a newborn in a tub designed for them!
  • Towels and Rags – just a must-have.
  • Burp cloths – you can never have enough
  • Play Mat – baby will be ready to lay down and kick and practice rolling sooner than you’d like!
  • Baby Swing – this is all our firstborn would sleep in for naps for the first three months of his life!
  • Nuks – Yes. Some babies take them and some do not. I would have them on hand, for sure!
  • Tylenol – it’s best to have this on hand too, it’s a lifesaver when teething starts
  • Nose Frida – sounds gross, but you’ll need AND use it for that first baby cold
  • Saline drops – to go with the Nose Frida.
  • Carrier – Ergo is by far the best rated. Baby will want to be CLOSE and this is the best way to do that, hands-free!
  • Gas Drops – ALWAYS always have these on hand for those long nights when baby can’t pass those bubbles!
  • A Swaddle – the halo sack is the best for newborns!
  • Pack and Play – you’ll need this
The ultimate baby registry guide for the new mom. 40 Amazon products that are must-haves on your baby registry.

3-6 Months – top 10 Amazon registry items

  • High Chair – Might seem too soon, but hopefully, you already have one ready! Baby will be eager to sit in their own chair and learn how to eat solids soon.
  • Bumbo Seat – This will help your child to learn how to sit up and support themselves
  • Exercauser or jumper – all babies need exercise!
  • Toys for sensory play – Fatbrains is the best brand out there for these types of toys! They are a great learning tool!
  • Car seat – Yes. Unfortunately you’ll be ready for an upgrade! Get a convertible one, that will last forever!
  • Zipadee Zip – it’s a type of swaddle and the easiest way to transition your baby out of the “arms in” swaddle like the halo sack! (we have 4 of these, all different sizes and prints)
  • Toothbrush and fluoride-free training paste – time to start brushing those teeth (if babe has any!)
  • Crib Mattress waterproof cover – to go beneath the crib sheet! – baby might be in their own crib by now, that is totally up to you. But I’d have a waterproof mattress protector either way!
  • White noise machine – without it, no one in our house would be sleeping! If they are in their own room by now!
  • Onesies – seriously, they live in these things. Time to make sure you have the size UP from the newborn size! You can never have enough white onesies.

6-12 Months – Top 5 (you probably already have everything!)

  • Baby food maker – Are you planning on making your own baby food? It’s SO EASY and fun! This is the best website ever to find recipes and instructions on how to do so!
  • Sippy Cups – the 360’s worked best for us and are so easy to use!
  • Kid silverware – they LOVE to start learning how to use silverware!
  • Motrin – at 6 months old, your baby will be cleared to take Motrin. This honestly made a world of a difference with teething.
  • Walker – now this has some controversy. We used it. Our kids can walk just fine, and they LOVED it.
The ultimate baby registry guide for the new mom. 40 Amazon products that are must-haves on your baby registry.

This list could go on for days!

There is so much more that I could share with you! Drop your comments below on your favorite Amazon baby registry must-haves. I hope this ultimate guide to your baby registry with the top Amazon products in the market help you feel more prepared to bring home that new little bundle of joy.

There is a smaller/shorter list on the must-have products to bring your newborn home! It might be a better place to start and not feel so overwhelming.

Registries are fun! And not every parent, and not every baby is the same. You do you, and register for what YOU believe you NEED for that baby!

Cheers mama, until next time!

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