20 tiny New Years Resolutions for Moms

New Years Resolutions for the busy mom. 20 easy, tiny new years resolutions for mothers who are too busy to make resolutions! Small and realistic.

As a mother, there is always something “more” you want to do. Or even less of something. This list of 20 New Years Resolutions for Moms is meant to help you in setting realistic resolutions that are teeny tiny.

Some times the smallest resolutions, the smallest changes, can make the biggest impacts. It is important when setting resolutions for yourself, that they are realistic and achievable.

Time to get real, Mama. Here are the littlest things that you can do every-so-often to make big changes. Increase your patience and positivity. These tiny things are for mom and how she can promote more self-care for herself in the year 2020.

20 New Years Resolutions for Moms

  1. Exercise 30 minutes per week
  2. Shower alone with the door shut once per week
  3. Pee with the door shut once per DAY
  4. Take a bath once per week
  5. Eat a “guilty pleasure” snack alone once per week
  6. When patience is thin, count to 5, breathe, THEN respond
  7. Practice refraining from yelling and walk away instead.
  8. Have a no-technology night once per week with the entire family
  9. Play games one night per week with the family
  10. Have a crockpot meal once per week
  11. Read one chapter of a book before bed 3x per week
  12. Meditate once per day for 5 minutes
  13. Kiss your SO 2x per day (at least)
  14. Go shopping alone once per month
  15. Treat yourself to takeout once per month
  16. Have coffee with a friend once every other week
  17. Do date night once per month AT LEAST
  18. Go to bed by 9:30 p.m. twice per week to get GOOD sleep
  19. Bring the kids somewhere else once per month, and you spend an evening at home
  20. Say I love you to your family every day.
New Years Resolutions for the busy mom. 20 easy, tiny new years resolutions for mothers who are too busy to make resolutions! Small and realistic.

Small, but realistic

“Are these really resolutions”? Well yeah, of course, they are! These are MY resolutions as a busy mother. Some of these are in effect currently, but not near as much or as often.

Some might seem silly to you and they are completely realistic but definitely not easy! It is easy to forget to say I love you or kiss your significant other. It’s so easy to yell, you know it is!

Instead of “more of this” or “less of that” how about we set some specific resolutions that are small yet realistic? Then when those resolutions are achieved, you have a sense of accomplishment.

Be positive

Easier said than done right? Being positive is a difficult thing when you a parent of young children that push your buttons every day.

It is possible, and it won’t be all of the time. that is okay! Stop being so hard on yourself, and know that you are not alone.

The year 2020 holds great things for you, mama. Bring on the New Year! Team up with your favorites and make it your best year yet!


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