Toys for Kids – Gift Ideas for Christmas 2019

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A local news story did a “toys for kids” segment!

Since Black Friday AND Cyber Monday are coming up, I thought it would benefit you, mom and dad, to share the best toys for kids based off of true research done by Kare11 here in Minneapolis!

The toys were tested by kids and parents, and these toys keep kids busy and get their minds working. Exploring is such an important thing for kids! These are categorized into toys that are for infants and toys that are for toddlers!

Take advantage of cyber Monday on Amazon, Target and online black Friday deals too! I bet their Black Friday deals will be through the ROOF!

Infant Stages

The top 4 toys for infants are:

  1. Magnetic Blocks – We have so many sets of magnatiles and some of these wood blocks too! the wood blocks are more of a hit with the little ones because they are easier to grab and stack/magnet together. It honestly keeps the baby busy long enough to be able to get dinner ready!

2. Poke-A-Dot books – get kids reading and learning how to explore books with these fun-to-learn easy reads!

3. Oombeeball – Sensory balls are so good for littles! We play “roll the ball” with our 1 year old and he is obsessed with how these feel. Granted they go right into his mouth, but hey…. he’s learning and getting those sensory feelings going!

4. Whirly Squigz

A list of the top toys for kids this year, Christmas 2019. 8 Top toys that are the hottest toys on the shelf. These have been tested by parents and children, featured in a news story on a local Minneapolis new station! #kidstoys #christmas2019 #hottesttoys

Toddler Stages

  1. ANYTHING on wheels. Grandma and Grandpa went the gear route for Christmas this year! Gears are a hot new item, and slowly taking over the world of children!

2. Primo scooter – Our 3-year-old rides the neighbor’s scooter like this every time we get together. He always wants to bring it home! The three wheels are so much safer for the kiddos that are just learning to ride scooters! Still do not forget that helmet!

3. Foam Alive Ice Cream

4. Inflatable Tent – this is our Christmas gift to our 3-year-old this year! Such easy cleanup, and it’s just one piece. Insta-fort for kids! Who’s going to have more fun? Mom, or Dad? Wait… the kids. The kids will have more fun.

Happy shopping to you, my dear parents! Good luck and I hope you find the best deals out there! Please do share your “top toys” list with us in the comments section so we know what’s “in” this year for our kiddos at Christmas time! Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.

I suppose we should say “Happy Thanksgiving” first, huh? Share this post with friends and family so everyone knows the latest, greatest and hottest toys for kids that are ready this year!

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