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The Life of A Toddler

Toddlerhood is a great time of learning, experimenting, and emotion! We had some (we still have some) hard times with our 3-year-old. This is the real life of a toddler

The years between the ages of 1 and 3 were something else and he learned so much! From eating, walking, and talking, to dancing and operating “machinery” with dad.

The life of a toddler is a rough one, but here is the REAL life with a toddler and what they learn to do and how they make us laugh every single day!

20 Stages of Toddlerhood

This is all “real life” with a toddler!

  • Stage 1: learning to eat food
  • Stage 2: learning to walk
  • Stage 3: learning how to make the biggest messes on the face of the planet
  • Stage 4: learning how to talk: animal noises specifically
  • Stage 5: learning how to dance
  • Stage 6: learning new words and struggling
  • Stage 7: Snapchat filters
  • Stage 8: power tools …?
  • Stage 9: perfecting dance moves
  • Stage 10: Starting to cause trouble. All. Of. The. Time.
  • Stage 11: climbing on everything and becoming independent
  • Stage 12: stealing other people’s food because eating is easy now.
  • Stage 13: “helping” with everything
  • Stage 14: perfecting inappropriate dance moves
  • Stage 15: learning to become a big sibling
  • Stage 16: inappropriate things are funny
  • Stage 17: saying inappropriate words like “burpsnart”.
  • Stage 18: telling Alexa what to do and Alexa understanding
  • Stage 19: Still talking, not stopping the talking
  • Stage 20: learning how to drive.

Soak it all in – the real life of a toddler

From the day that a baby is born, they have a crazy innate sense of how to make a mother feel loved, cherished and needed.

Our babies will always need us. This video just shows how during the toddler years, they become so independent! Some good, and some bad.

The current threenager stage that we are fighting can have some nasty days come with it! Power tools, really? Take it in mama, because they only go through these years once. Some times, all you can do is laugh at how toddler’s behave.

Take in real life with a toddler and eat it up. Take it all for what it’s worth!

And that my friend, is more than you could every imagine! Let them be kids, let them learn and explore. Yet be there for them when they need it most.

When they make YOU upset, always remember to take a breath, they are still little and they do still need you. Help them learn their feelings and explore them. Laugh with them, cry with them and hold them tight.

Cheers, to the toddler years!

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