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Things You Never Thought You’d Say

Our kids always make us moms say things that we never thought we'd say! Here's a list of 25 things that I never thought I'd hear myself say!

As a parent, there are things I never thought I’d hear myself say!

We say absolutely ridiculous things. I have come up with a list over the past couple of months of the crazy things that come out of not just my mouth! But my husband’s mouth, grandma and grandpa’s mouth, aunts and uncles.

Have you ever caught yourself on camera/on tape and just listened to it? I dare you to… you’ll get a good laugh out of it! Share the things you never thought you’d say with us!

A List of Things You Never Thought You’d Say

  • Don’t pee on the house
  • Please do not shove food in your nose
  • Please stop playing in the toilet
  • Do not drink the toilet water
  • Get your shoe out of your mouth
  • You cannot drink daddy’s beer.
  • Dog food is not for people
  • Don’t drink the dog water
  • Watch where you’re peeing
  • Stop playing with your junk
  • Please don’t lock your brother in the bathroom
  • No, you cannot poop outside
  • Do not eat the diaper wipes
  • Tell me when you’re done pooping so I can wipe you
  • Stop licking the window
  • Stop running around naked, put some clothes on
  • No you cannot have dog food for dinner
  • Your penis is not a toy
  • Do not lick your brother
  • Do not sit on your brother or his face.
  • Do not sit on the dog
  • No, you cannot sleep in the dog bed
  • Don’t put your diaper on your head
  • Stop licking the driveway
  • Please do not eat the chalk

This list could go on and on! These are phrases and sayings that have come out of our mouths MORE than once!

Please do share the crazy things that you say as a parent that you never thought you would. We all need a laugh every single day. This ‘oughtta do just that! Cheers, mama!


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