How Mom Can Get Her Self Confidence Back

3 Sure Tips to boost your self confidence level all while being a mother to your babies! Young children suck a lot of time from us moms and it's difficult to find time to promote self care and take pride in the way we look! A busy mom, a tired mom, a mom who is exhausted from the crazy toddler running everywhere causing trouble! This one is for you, three easy quick tricks to get your self confidence level back up! They are so quick and easy! Share with all of your mom friends!

You might hate me for saying this but this here is honest to goodness truth…. look good, to feel good.

The key in how mom can get her self confidence back lies in that one truth… momma, you STILL LOOK GOOD! Here is how you can start getting that self-confidence back!

Retail Therapy – get new clothes

In our house, we are all for sweats, slipper boots, and glasses with hair up in a ponytail. I am a huge advocate for being comfortable, In fact, I typically do not wear jeans because I do think they are uncomfortable.

You’ll typically find me in leggings and a loose-fitting shirt. It might not be flattering, but man… it is comfy! That brings me to our first thing in getting that self-confidence level back up to what it used to be.

Remember that you still look good, and get out shopping for some new wardrobe pieces that are fitting and flattering! Pick YOUR color, and let those clothes hug you a little bit.

You do have it… so flaunt it, momma! You deserve a little retail therapy and in all honesty… the clothes you have are most likely outdated (if you’re anything like me and go shopping for yourself once per decade)! Once you bring those clothes home….. WEAR THEM!

“Get Ready For The Day”

Get up, shower up, move around and exercise/stretch/do yoga for just 20 minutes. This will kick start your day to be something wonderful and full of energy. It is as simple as blow-drying your hair, use some concealer for those dark circles (those are permanent by the way) and add some mascara.

For those mama’s in glasses, brave the contacts a couple of days per week! You’ll be amazed as to what this extremely short “get ready for the day” routine will do for you and how you’ll feel during the day. You will feel more confident because you took the time to take care of yourself!

Next point, take care of yourself.

Your health is important too, momma – the final step in how mom can get her self confidence back

Remember that breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Eat it. Just do it, don’t ask questions.

I hear you, you’re saying “well Leah… I do have an energy bar”. No… that’s not breakfast. Take care of yourself, and eat a good breakfast in the morning.

Kids suck the energy out of us and YES there will be those mornings where you did not get a chance to make a “good” breakfast or those mornings that you just ran out of time (there will be more of them than not) and that is okay!

It is extremely important for mom to take care of herself. 5 minutes or 35 minutes. There is an entire board on mommy self-care on my Pinterest account. Follow it, pin it, and USE IT!

As a recap, how mom can get her self confidence back? Three things and one “bonus” thing!

  1. Shop for NEW wardrobe items and WEAR them!
  2. Take 5-10 minutes in the morning to “do your hair” and “do your makeup”
  3. Take initiative and care for YOURSELF
Motherhood is hard, sometimes we lose ourselves. Time to gain our self confidence back as a mother. Here are 3 tips and tricks on how mom can get her self confidence back again!


You’ve still got it, so flaunt it.

You’re a mother and you are a superhero. Stop caring what others think. Do not over “get ready” but just do a little bit! 5 minutes for yourself can do amazing things, momma.

Don’t have time for all of it? Think again, because it is all about how YOU manage your time. Book in the link! YOU are in control of it!

Cheers mama. You look good and you are doing even better!

Leah Custer
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