How to Start a Blog for Beginners

How to Start a Blog for Beginners, 5 starting steps

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This post is a little different from the normal “health and wellness mom blog” posts that you will find here! It is worth sharing How to Start a Blog for Beginners because there are so many inquiries about doing just that! There are 5 tips that I recommend you start with, and few of them to stay consistent with when first starting out. This specific blog is brand new and I wanted to include you on this journey so we can help each other out! So here are my top 5 things that have helped me get started within the past year! You can read, in addition to checking out the video here. If you have subscribed to Saving Mama’s Sanity already, that means you have already received the freebie checklist on how to start a blog! If you have not signed up yet, you can scroll down and sign up to get the freebie below! Subscribe to Saving Mama’s Sanity and get your FREE CHECKLIST today!

Tips on how to start a blog for beginners

  • Find your niche
  • List content and topics
  • Just get started
  • Post and share
  • Don’t quit, and stay consistent

Find Your Niche

To do this, think of a few topics that you are passionate about! Think about those topics and if you are able to write everything and anything all of the time! Once you have the ONE topic you chose, then narrow it down even one more time! For example, I write about being a mother, parent and raising our kids! Furthermore, I focus specifically on health and wellness for mom’s and women. This is a topic that I could write every day on because there are new idea’s and concepts being developed all of the time, with research and statistics backing it up!

List Content

Get out your journal, or content calendar and start writing topics on your topic! If you can list anywhere from 30-50 topics that you can write from 500-2000+ words on each article, then you’ve figured out your blog! Come up with a catchy name based on the content you are writing about then it’s time to just get started!

Just Get STARTED! The most important in How to Start a Blog for Beginners

Just do it! (I totally stole that from Nike). But seriously, just start. Write your post, and post your post! Get a website going and get hosting, this is so important! Site Ground has the greatest hosting for bloggers! Get started there, and get a WordPress site up and running! It does NOT need to be perfect! It can be so basic. This gives you a starting point! Reach out if you need some help, I’d be glad to jump in and assist!

Post and Share

SHARE SHARE SHARE! Once your first post is published, share the heck out of it! Share it on pinterest, youtube, instagram, facebook! I have SO MUCH TO SHARE on Pinterest. Both YouTube and Pinterest are the 2nd and 3rd largest search engines next to the number one Google! Tailwind is the best thing I’ve ever done to help increase page views and my audience! Check it out and get over 100 pins scheduled in just under an hour!

Don’t Quit! Stay Consistent

This one is the most difficult. You may feel discouraged at first, but KEEP GOING! Keep writing, every time something comes to mind just start writing so you don’t lose it. Make sure you pick a content schedule that you can stick to. Whether its once every other week, or two times per week! You do not want to get over worked and overwhelmed! Keep at it, it will come. If you need help, I am here. You can subscribe to my blog and get your freebie checklist for How to Start a Blog for Beginners! It will come straight to your email inbox after you sign up. Then you can continue to recieve the latest and greatest content from Saving Mama’s Sanity!

So get it started and HAVE FUN with it! I am here to help and cannot wait to help, and follow you on this journey!

Stay sane, mama!

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