Bringing home baby: things you NEED!

Items you need for baby and mom. Bringing home a newborn baby from the hospital. 5 must-haves for mom and 5 must-haves for baby!

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A very good friend of mine is FINALLY having a baby! This is such exciting news to us, and her shower is right around the corner. You’ll also want to check out this article on a list of things you need to pack in your hospital bag for labor and delivery!

She has been asking us so many questions of things she needs, and things she doesn’t need! So I have put together a checklist of essentials for bringing home baby: things you NEED! We felt so … special, that our friend confided enough in us to share our parenting knowledge (or lack thereof since we are ALWAYS learning) to let her know what we DO need, and DIDN’T need with our boys! I wanted to take this opportunity to share a list with you, a list of the top 10 MUST HAVE ITEMS for the new mom. So five of these items are for BABY, and five of them are for MAMA! Let’s get down to it.


Covers for their little hands! Those nails are SOMETHING ELSE on those babies! Get your sweet little innocent child some of those hand covers.

They actually make these onesies now, with part of the sleeve that covers their hands! Or, get some gloves that just slide right over those adorable little fingers.


Nose Frida. Gross, but a must-have. Babe will get sick, unfortunately. And those syringe bulbs just don’t do this thing justice. Plus, after you see how AMAZING this works, you really aren’t that grossed out anymore.


Swaddles. When your baby is born, they will want to be held tight and cuddled up to feel like they are still inside Mama! This will soothe them and make them feel right “at home”. Believe me, we went through about 8 swaddles with our second, but we did find that for both of the boys…. the halo sack with the simple Velcro worked best! For the second babe… the zipadee-zip worked the best! I seriously cannot rave about the zipadee-zip enough, this thing was a life and sleep saver! Not to mention, super cute prints to choose from.


Diapers and wipes. You can seriously never have enough. I’m telling you… stock up on sizes Newborn, 1 and 2! When they are on sale, GET THEM! Fill that closet up all the way with diapers and wipes, because you’ll need more before you know it! Every baby is different. One brand might work for one baby and not another.


Swing This was honestly a lifesaver with our firstborn. Some babies actually don’t like them. But our babe took naps in this thing all the time. Swang him right to sleep so mama could at least make some dinner or sit down and drink her coffee with two hands! This ended up being a gift from some of our friends, so at the very least, make sure this one gets on your baby registry! (Here’s a list of 39 OTHER baby registry items from Amazon!!)

Now, let’s chat about the other half of the top 10 must-have items for the new mom.


Let’s continue this lovely list, bringing home baby: things you NEED with the items I found MAMA needs!! It is JUST AS IMPORTANT for mom to be prepared for this first month as it is to be prepared for the baby to come home.

Coffee. Seriously, stock up. That’s number one. If you’re not a coffee drinker, get yourself some caffeinated tea. Hate to break it to you, but they are not lying when they say you’ll be tired. But you know what?! Those snuggles …. are far more worth it than not. They grow quick, cuddle, and be awake with them while you can.


You just gave birth… something has to hold all of it in, right?! Belly Bands saved me and made me feel secure! It’ll hurt and feel awkward for a while. Don’t be hard on yourself! These bands help hold it in and feel secure.


Breastfeeding? If not, THAT’S FINE!!!! But get yourself some nipple cream if you are. It’ll save yourself a lot of pain! And… it’s perfectly safe for baby.


Pads. Lots, and lots, AND LOTS of pads. The big, ugly, and uncomfortable pads. Unfortunately, they are a must. It doesn’t last forever, and I won’t get too vulgar. But you’ll need several of these for quite a few weeks!


Lavender oil. Rub some on your feet before bed, lavender is safe for babe. (maybe don’t use RIGHT before holding/nursing babe). Although on your feet is fine. This will keep you, calm mama, it really will. Aromatherapy is a long time-proven method of healing and calming.

Items you need for baby and mom. Bringing home a newborn baby from the hospital. 5 must-haves for mom and 5 must-haves for baby!

And there you have it. 10 items for the NEW MOM, bringing home baby: things you NEED. I wish my bestie luck and I will be the first one to jump whenever she asks. It’s a very difficult time, but the most precious time of life. A newborn will never be a newborn again, it just happens once. So use these tips and tricks to get through the first few months and just know that you have a support system that will be there to help whenever you need it. NEVER BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR HELP!

You just gave birth mom, (or are about to give birth). So go with the flow, take a few deep breaths, and before you know it… you’ll be cuddling that beautiful baby of yours and you will never want to let go.

Now excuse me… while I go fight off some baby fever!

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