5 Tricks to Get Your Kid to Eat What You Make!

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We all struggle with this one! We are blessed with pretty good eaters, most of the time! You could say we got lucky, except luck has nothing to do with it. We worked our butts off to not feed them whatever and whenever they wanted! I’ll share with you the 5 tricks to get your kid to eat what you make that worked for us at our house!

Typically in our house… food actually gets thrown across the table or onto the floor for the dogs to eat because the toddler doesn’t want to eat it. Then the baby decides it’s funny and does the same thing. Mama… doesn’t think it’s so funny. So what do we do?! We take the food away! Then they can eat whenever they are ready to eat, and NO! We do not make them something different! THIS. IS. KEY!

I’m not THAT mean all the time. I promise!

Sounds mean, right? I know… it sounds absolutely terrible. But you know what, kids will eat when they are hungry, yet it is important to keep them on an eating schedule. They should not get to snack all day everyday and eat whatever they want. This is where the problem is! Your kid doesn’t run you, YOU are the parent, and YOU run them! So let’s discuss some tips on getting kids to eat what you make! 


1. KEEP A SCHEDULE! Breakfast. Snack. Lunch. Snack. Dinner.  Not breakfast, snack snack, snack, dinner, snack. Keep this schedule! 

2. They eat what they get. If they don’t like it or don’t want it, then fine..DO. NOT. MAKE. SOMETHING. ELSE! Put it away, and if they are hungry later, they can have what was given to them earlier. 

3. Do not force them to eat. This can make them feel upset if they are being forced! I don’t like when people shove food into my face, do you?! 

4. Make sure there is at least one item you KNOW they will eat. (just don’t give them too much that they fill up on it). We ALWAYS have fruit on the table.

5. Give them choices! We only give two choices typically. “Do you want hamburgers or tacos for dinner?”  (when it works that way). “Do you want corn or cucumbers on the side?” We found that they are more inclined to eat when they get to choose! 


6. Make eating fun! Here are some items in our house we use. 

-We let our toddler “help” cut his grapes and strawberries

-We have “special” plates so he can pick where the food goes on it and where the dipping sauce goes! 

water bottles with straws!


These little humans that we are trying to raise, have big emotions. When they do not want something, they REALLY don’t want it, and they will let you know! If we have trouble at the dinner table, I remove them from the situation, they can sit on the steps to cool down for a minute, and come back when they are ready to join us for dinner. If they do not come back, I do not make a huge deal about it. Eating needs to be a pleasant experience for them, not a bad one. 

My parents put me down into the basement to sit at a plastic picnic table by myself to finish my peas… I still don’t eat peas. 

Go easy on them mama, but do not give in. The toughest thing we’ve done is not let our kids snack whatever and whenever they want. There have been several temper tantrums and there still are. Make dinner quick! They can’t sit for that long! Reward them with desert if they eat a good dinner. (yes…. I condone bribery because IT WORKS!). 


I want to hear your tips and tricks on getting your kids to eat! Do you make any fun meals?! (I’m far from creative with cooking). Please… do share!!! Happy eating everyone! 

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