D.I.Y recipe’s – Three Easy Beginner Recipes

DIY recipes with essential oils for beginners. Three easy things to make with essential oils for people who are new to living the chemical free lifestyle and getting rid of toxic chemicals in their life!
D.I.Y recipe’s – essential oils

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Just the other day, I had a good friend start to ask about how to eliminate the chemicals in her life. I am going to share the three EASIEST D.I.Y. Recipe’s with you I was so proud of her and thrilled that she chose me to share with her the ins and outs. These starter D.I.Y Recipe’s for beginners using essential oils come with the best advice I can give. And that is to start small and easy then work your way to more difficult recipes using essential oils. So I decided to write a post on the three easiest D.I.Y recipes that I use every, single, day! Not only will these recipe’s smell good and provide health benefits using the oils that you choose (it is always up to you!), but it eliminates three of the most chemical-filled products that you use in your house every day.

D.I.Y Face Scrub

  • 1/4 cup coconut oil – we always have this one in our house.
  • 2 TBS Baking soda – this well-known brand is the best!
  • 10 drops tea tree, 10 drops of your pic (I’ll use Lavender or Frank!)
  • Use these mason jars that you can just keep in the shower or on your countertop in the bathroom!

Melt coconut oil in a mason jar, add baking soda. Mix. Add oils. Mix. DONE! It will set into more of a lotion/scrub since you’ll be keeping it in a cool/room temperature place!

2. D.I.Y Hand Soap

  • Mason jar foaming hand soap dispenser.
  • 2 TBS castile soap, this well-known brand is the best!
  • 15-20 drops of your choice of EOs!
  • Top off with distilled water.

Mix it all together, and you have yourself hand soap!

3. All-Purpose Cleaner

  • Amber glass spray bottle. I just have the entire kit!
  • 4 oz castile soap link here.
  • 20 drops YL Thieves Essential oils and 10 drops lemon
  • top off with distilled

So here is your cleaner with no chemicals, smells great, and has a bacteria-fighting Essential Oils in it!

There you have it, D.I.Y recipe’s – essential oils. Comment with your favorite recipes or what you are looking to REPLACE in your life to help become chemical free! I am a GEEK for oils in our house because they have helped us in so many ways! I look forward to helping your journey to keep your family healthy!

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So if you would be SO KIND AS TO comment and share! I want to to know YOUR favorites or wants/needs! Essential oils are so beneficial in so many ways! While you’re at it, check out our video on how we made these three things. And had fun doing it. 🙂

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  1. I’m a huge fan of using EO. Thank you for sharing.

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