Get Up. No Excuses.

One way to get your energy level up, and one way to keep your energy level up. Get up, and move. No excuses.

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It’s Monday. What a long weekend with cranky kids and spouse arguments. It’s 5:15 a.m., the alarm goes off. I told myself I’d get up, workout. I don’t want to get up! What’s it even worth? I can get another 30 minutes of sleep! NO. Get Up. No Excuses.

So, here we are, doing an elliptical workout, doing some light reading and getting my heart rate up. Do you know how much better this makes a person feel? Stop hitting SNOOZE! There is actually some research out there proving that hitting snooze even just ONCE causes more drowsiness and makes a person be more tired throughout the day!

Get that energy level up to be able to keep going all day! So here are some tips for you:

Start Strong Energy – Stay Strong Energy

I’ll say it again, Get Up. No Excuses.

1. Don’t use your phone as an alarm! Use a normal alarm clock and get up out of bed to turn it off!

2. Get dressed quick, into some of your favorite workout clothes. I just put on some leggings and a workout tank. Getting dressed so quickly into workout clothes helps to get that mind frame to get moving!

3. Get stretching and moving before anyone else wakes up! I heard the baby stir this morning and make some noises, and thought to myself…NOPE! He’s okay and will remain sleeping!

After the morning workout – fuel your body

So after the workout, finally it’s time to get ready for the remainder of the day, have a WONDERFUL well-deserved cup of coffee. With this coffee, I cannot stress enough how important it is to EAT BREAKFAST!

Every morning, I use my little green pan to fry up an egg, put it on a half of a bagel with a slice of cheese and slices of avocado. Eggs are packed with protein, and this specific breakfast has good HEALTHY fat in the avocado, and some carbs. I know what you’re thinking “how do you have time”?!

Because there’s not enough hours in the day…we need to make time, because it’s important. The kids get a little snack before heading to day care, just takes 5 minutes to make this breakfast, and the kids keep quiet because we all know how hangry they are when they wake up!

Since it might be tough to find the time, but you need to make the time to take care of yourself. But, no excuses. The better you feel and the more healthy YOU are, the easier it will be to take care of others. Because let’s face it… that’s what mother’s do. We take care of others.

So…hang in there today mama, you are doing great and we will make time together to get through this crazy day, week, month… life! Get that energy, KEEP THAT ENERGY! (oh, make sure you rest too). Get Up. No Excuses. This is where it starts.

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