2 Tricks to Stay Calm when you Crave Chaos


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It’s been a wild few weeks! So 2 Tricks to stay calm… sounds easy enough, right?!

Since we got back from vacation, life has been a mad dash. First puppy sitting for family, then getting our own puppy addition, and (what seems like) an endless amount of illnesses and sicknesses.

Hopefully, everyone is on the up and up; please no more colds…we’ve had enough! So let’s get down to it….because even though it’s been a mad dash, we have enjoyed it.

I love chaos. My husband loves chaos, and our children are always on the move!

It is so important to rest and take a moment to calm down. Our family…. is not great at calming down!

Into oils? Here’s a bonus tip before we even get started!

The photo in this blog post is my all-time favorite way to calm. One smell of this stuff, and it is instant relief from chaos, it calms the nerves and brings me to my happy place.

Get your diffuser, fill it with some stress away, turn on the calming light and just sit. Now you just message me when you want a piece of that!! I can totally help you out getting you started with some Young Living goodness!

Our family craves chaos. My husband just the other day says “hun… I think you and I enjoy chaos and being busy”… yeah? Do you think?!

We just had a baby 5 months ago and now we brought a new puppy into the mix; I’d say chaos is an understatement! We manage pretty well, but eventually, we break down and either get sick, get a migraine, or have a complete meltdown.

When is it too much?

So when is it too much? How do we know when to stop and take a minute? For starters…. it’s way easier said than done. And it should be done on a daily basis! Read on for the 2 tricks to stay calm. Use the form on the right to sign up for your FREE checklist and FREE daily page planner to help you stay organized, and keep your sanity!

Meditate. Breathe. Enjoy.

1. Meditate. Take time for yourself!

Each and every person in your family should take a minute to cool it, every day! Headspace is THE BEST APP ever, to take a minute. Download it here!

It can be three minutes of deep breathing, or three hours of retail therapy. Maybe even a full weekend away on a little mini vacation. If I’m being honest, most days it can be difficult to find three minutes. I definitely struggle.

However, I have found that for a select few minutes in the morning before everyone is awake, and a select few minutes right before bed….is MY time! I curl up in bed with my kindle and enjoy a good LEISURE read to help put my brain to rest.

It’s precious time that I take complete and full advantage of. The little things and short moments add up and can have a great big impact on how your day will go.

If you start positive, your day is most likely going to be a positive day! What happens if you don’t start positive, how do you turn your day around? Read on for a great example.


Just today, I had to get both kids ready, take care of both dogs, and pack up to get the boys to grandma’s house. They love going to grandmas! It was just pure chaos getting to that point.

So much so, I may have forgotten to brush my teeth and hair as well as put my shirt on backward. Rolling in about 30 minutes late to work and all I could do is laugh. That’s number one, laugh about the chaos that is in your life. Since it’s all you can do!

What’s done is done and there’s no need to dwell on it, laugh and move on.

Because I guarantee something funny happened in all that hustle and bustle! Then I was able to share the stories of my crazy morning with friends, and they laughed with me.

Something that doesn’t help the situation, or in fact might even make it worse, is not talking about it! Now… they do not need a play by play, but one funny thing and one thing that stressed you out.

Then end on a positive note, “but now I’m here, everyone is safe, and I can resume my normal schedule!” Bam, changed to a positive note. And lastly…. remember that tomorrow is a brand new day!

You get to start all over again. 🙂 it will be different, it might be the same level of insane….but it will be different.

It is what you make it

It is honestly what you make of it.

If you make bad of it…. then it’ll be bad.

If you make good of it, then it will be good!

So let’s opt for the good side more than the bad side. And help others to see the funny, good, and positive aspects of the craziness. I bet you’ll personally feel better too! Good luck, and embrace the craziness that this life has to offer.

If you can’t embrace it one day… then just move on to the next day. So there you have it, 2 Tricks to stay calm. Now USE THEM!

Cheers to YOU!

Leah Custer
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  1. Sonja- Too Much Character says:

    Parenting small children is chaotic! Finding the humor in it all is how I survive this thing called motherhood.

    • LOVING IT! We laugh a lot in our house… because, well, what else do you do?! Some times one parent has to leave the room and let the other one handle it (typically me) because I can’t seem to keep a straight face!!!

  2. Erin says:

    Great inspiration, Leah! Keep it up!!

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