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Make time to exercise | who has time for that? YOU DO!

Two tips on making the time to exercise. As a busy mom of young children, it's difficult to find the time. Step 1 is to make health a priority. Click through to find out step 2!

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You always have time to exercise, it is just a matter of if you make the time or not.

I have gone from after-work work-outs (pre-children), to before work workouts, to not working out at all and my favorite, the using-your-toddler-as-a-workout workout. I crave exercise (moderate, not extreme).

It is an outlet to relieve stress and reduce anxiety which both affect how we deal with daily tasks or uncomfortable situations.

Make health a priority – make time to exercis

In previous years, being a fitness trainer on the side was a goal of mine. This goal was never achieved, we had a second baby instead and I had lost all motivation to become a trainer! This is alright because keeping myself, and my family healthy is a top priority. Someday, maybe!

But for now, keeping that 20-minute early morning elliptical or treadmill workout is enough. Not to mention trying to rid of that little teeny tiny baby pouch that will never really actually go away, so let’s just get rid of that unrealistic expectation upfront.

The stretch marks and c-section scar are beautiful markings symbolizing motherhood and how truly amazing a woman’s body is.

Track your fitness

On the mommy pages on Facebook, I come across so many moms asking “how do you make time for a workout” or “how do you get that extra baby weight off”.

Mom’s Corner page on Facebook is by far the best mommy-page that I have become a part of. Join us!!! With a combination of eating right and exercise, AND REST!!!!! It will eventually just fall off, and if one thing is not working then it’s time to try something new!

Two tips on making the time to exercise. As a busy mom of young children, it's difficult to find the time. Step 1 is to make health a priority. Click through to find out step 2!

Hold YOURSELF accountable

Get yourself a fitness tracker. Now I know you probably already have one. So then why aren’t you using it? Start to make time to exercise right now, and track your time!

You’ve heard it over and over again, start using it and only you can hold yourself accountable. You cannot blame others or keep making excuses to avoid getting, staying, promoting a healthier lifestyle for yourself.

You did get cash for Christmas, right? Target gift card? Amazon gift card? Get online and order your Versa2 now. Seriously.

Order it, then USE IT

The Fitbit Versa2 is the latest and greatest. The reviews are amazing and you will not be disappointed. Everyone is trading in their old trackers for this new one. It syncs to your phone, plays music and tracks everything. This is exactly what you need to get started down that path of living a healthier lifestyle.

This is how you start holding yourself accountable. Set up your Versa2, and start using it immediately. You need to get at least 120 minutes of moderate exercise per week, drink plenty of water and get that fish and veggie meal plan going!

Even if the exercise is playing the party freeze dance song and dancing with your toddler, that’s some exercise. Wrestling them into the car seat counts for 5 minutes of moderate exercise! Squats or sit-ups during your favorite television show. Start small.

Whatever you do… do not sit on the couch because after a long day of work and all of the tasks you have to do when you get home… you will not move!

But of course, a couple of nights of rest will HELP, and not hurt! Start to make time to exercise, only YOU can do that.

Cheers, Mama!

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