Fitness: Time, Motivation, and Benefits

It can be so hard finding the time and motivation to get a good fitness routine going. Honestly, 90% of the battle is just getting something started! The other 10%, is finding the time to get it done.

Here is a little motivation to get you started. Mayo Clinic is such a great source for information! Check out this article on 7 benefits of exercise:


Exercise does not only help a person to lose weight and be physically healthy, but it helps a person to be mentally healthy. This is the primary reason that it is a MUST in my weekly routine. The reason I say weekly, is because if we’re being honest… it is really hard to get it done every single day of the week, so being realistic is a big part in finding the time. Set goals for yourself that are achievable and within reason.

Realistic? What is that? Well, if you want to get a 2 hour workout in per day, plus you work 8 hours per day with a total of 2 hours of commuting, then you need to eat and take care of children which adds up to another 3-4 hours, and you still want to sleep for 9 hours? Do that math for a second…. that is literally more hours than there are in a day! Not realistic! In this schedule there is not even room for a shower or “getting ready for the day”! Now 30 minutes, that is more realistic. A 30 minute walk, utilizing the exercise room at work on lunch break, or in our case… I wake up before everyone else in the morning and start the day with a 30 minute workout.

Are you getting bored? Have you thought that maybe this might be an issue?! If you do the same exercise routine over and over again every day, you are going to get bored. As a part of establishing a routine, pick two days per week for cardio, and three days for other exercise such as strength or stretching. Take the kids to a park or zoo, and use that as your gym! Parks are the best honestly, some pull ups on the monkey bars, playing tag, using steps on the playground.

You do have the chance and opportunity to include fitness EVERY. DAY. Just open your eyes and see the fun in it. There was a video that I saw a while back, it was a girl using a 24 pack of bottled water doing lunges up and down the aisle at Target! Don’t care what other’s think, you’ll get laughs and “that’s a great idea!” more often than you think.

The little things add up quick. I actually do wall sits at work during a conference call, and stand and do heel/toe raises at my desk, as well as stretch every 30 minutes to an hour.

The time is there, do your research on the benefits fitness provides which is not limited just to physical health, but also mental and fuels your body to have the energy for the day.

Do you need help with a routine? Message me, and I am more than happy to help you find a routine that works for YOU! Lets do this TOGETHER. We are a team, and here to help each other!

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