Life Reflection – from a working mother’s eyes

How to do a life reflection and prepare for the next year. A full time working mother reevaluates things in life as a whole. It might be time to make some changes for mom to be happier.

Sometimes, we need to take a step back, slow down and reevaluate life. Yes, life… in its entirety. Life reflection is important for so many reasons.

Lets not use work-life balance as a term here, let’s use work-life harmony instead! So, the goal by the end of this blog post is to have some sort of understanding of what work-life harmony looks like.

Let’s give life a performance review, and come up with a performance improvement plan. Sounds silly, but some times it is necessary to keep you sane and calm.

Do things feel right?

Are you not getting the job done right in life? Got news for you… there’s no right way, just different ways. What you are doing IS good enough, and it IS right.

You do YOU. No one is going to pull you into an office and tell you that you need to do better with life in general, and that’s because it is your life and you are doing the best you can. I’m here to tell you that you should keep doing what you are doing because it is working! Unless it is not working at all?! Hmm…food for thought there.

Some things work, and others don’t

Life reflection is about evaluating what is working for you and what is not.

Take this for an example as not working; It is NOT working to work a full-time office job and be a full-time mom, this is because when you get home, you have dinner to cook and eat. Then before you know it, you had a total of 1 hour of play, 1 hour of cook/eat/clean, and then it’s time for bed (let’s be real… bed isn’t ALWAYS fun).

Mom Guilt Sucks

You feel that mom guilt. For some moms, this works and they are able to go ahead and feel that this is enough time. What do you do when it’s not enough time?

Well, first you determine how much you are working at the office and if it is worth it? Are you supporting your family financially? Are you emotionally sound? Happy wife = happy life. Happy mom = happy fam!

So, if you are not happy then something should be done about it and things need to change.

Life Reflection: Weigh the pros and cons

It might be time to find a part-time job. Yes, you will lose health benefits, dental, 401k savings plan, but in the scheme of things… there are ways around that.

Push that aside and make your pros and cons list of doing this.

Pro: more time at home with the kids.

Con: less income.

Pro: a more flexible schedule.

Con: losing those family benefits.

Pro: a more sane mama.

Pro: More time to do side gigs that you are passionate about (creating a business, focusing on health and wellness, helping out other family and friends).

How to do a life reflection and prepare for the next year. A full time working mother reevaluates things in life as a whole. It might be time to make some changes for mom to be happier.

It will all work out

It’s hard to not worry about finances, but in the end, they usually always work out. There are so many more opportunities out there to help support your family financially. Life reflection is so much more than just money.

It’s time to focus on YOU and what makes YOU happy. Lead by example for your kids. Find what works, speak your mind and be honest with yourself. It can be difficult to stay positive during the chaos of motherhood. But I know you can do it!

Work-life harmony. Keeping mom sane and happy while still being able to help support her family financially, yet NOT feel guilty about taking the much needed time with her kids.

Super difficult concept, right?

Not really once you find out what works for you and you take that leap of faith trusting that it will work in the end and everyone can be happy and healthy.

So good luck, stay calm, and may you find what works for you! Cheers!

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