When will Motherhood get Easier?

Motherhood is never easy, and it might never be easy! The honest answer to "when does motherhood become easy?" is... it really does not! But there are ways to adapt to the change that parenting young children brings upon us. It's time to accept the fact that mommin' ain't easy and might never be!
It’s a Mess…It always is and always will be…A Mess.

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When will Motherhood get Easier?! Do you ask yourself this every day? I do. Two babies, two puppies, a full time job. When will I stop missing my babies during the day? When will work go the way I want it to (it never will… that’s project management for you!) When will I be able to do another blog post? Because it has definitely been a while!!!

You DO have the time: Make it Happen.

We’ve had sicknesses in the house, summer is super busy and I am working on soaking up every minute possible with family. This is no excuse to not have time for a workout or trying to stay healthy. There is ALWAYS time for self care… always. You need to make the time for it. So I have come a realization the past couple of weeks as I’ve missed writing. That realization is to just suck it up. It won’t get easier… you will just simply adapt to the chaos. Our routine has developed and we are adapting but that does not make things easier. So we suck it up, we put on a smile and look at all of the things that we are blessed to have in our life. Which can feel like a lot once you sit and think about it. Make time to do that this week for yourself, sit down and literally count your blessings. I have talked about Emily Ley in the past. Seriously get one of her planners. They are the best and the motivational quotes she has within them are outstanding. You see them EVERY DAY! Write down your thoughts as they come to you.

Days are Long, There’s never enough time – Refer back to #1

5:30 a.m. wake up call. When the baby decides to hit a sleep regression this means we’ve been up all night as well as probably up by 5 a.m.for the day. SEND COFFEE. And after 8 p.m… send the wine. That’s a long day, and it seems like maybe you’ll be able to get everything done, right? Well the to-do list seems to get longer and the time seems to get shorter with nothing checked off of your list! News for you… throw the list away (this is really difficult for me to be saying!) We LIVE off of lists in our house. I mean for goodness sake I have an entire list typed up just for our weekend at the cabin (in an excel format), in fear that we’ll forget something. In terms of a to-do list… yes they can be helpful. But make them vague and simple. You will find that “clean bathroom” is a lot less overwhelming instead of “windex mirror, clean toilet, clean sink, sweep bathroom floor, shake rugs, mop bathroom floor, etc.” which seems easier? “clean bathroom”. RIGHT!!!! Stop overwhelming yourself, you have enough on your plate to be raising tiny humans, ditch the detailed to-do’s. This doesn’t seem to really actually answer the question, when will motherhood get easier. Does it?

Find a Routine

Little things and little changes will make it so much easier for you to suck it up! Yup, I said it… suck. it. UP. In a way… this is what happens, to put it into nicer terms, you end up adapting the the chaos and changes that life gives you. When will motherhood get easier? It will get easier once you have adapted, it seems like it’s all getting easier but really, again… you are just getting used to all of it. You are finding a routine that works for you. Do NOT let others tell you what to do, how to do it, and WHEN to do it. They don’t know if your kids will even nap. They don’t know when you’re home or have errands to run. Stop letting other make you feel like shit because “you can’t get anything done”. You get PLENTY done in one day. In addition to eyes in the back of our heads, we have about 8 arms! There you have it, the answer to when will motherhood get easier. Sorry it is not what you were expecting!

Here is your ONE goal today!

If your only goal today is “to keep tiny humans alive“… that is a perfect goal and I guarantee 100% that you will succeed at that goal. At the end of the day you will feel so much better that you reached your goal. Now pour yourself that glass of wine and sit back. You more than deserve it because you, mama, sucked it up all damn day long and you were GOOD at it. You ROCKED those tiny humans!!! Don’t forget to care for yourself, make your lists vague, and set realistic goals. This, my friend, will make it a lot easier to adapt to the craziness that this wonderful life brings us!!! CHEERS MAMAS!

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