Things a Full Time Working Mom Needs To Know

A full time working mother can feel a lot of guilt every day. Here are 3 things that the full time working mom needs to know.

Let’s start by making sure you know that this is not meant to be offensive to stay-at-home moms. SAHM’s have a gift to be able to stay at home with their kids all day every day, your patience and energy are so amazing! But this article is geared towards the Things a Full Time Working Mom Needs To Know.

Not to mention the creativity it takes to keep kids busy all day. It is more than a full-time office job to stay at home with the kids full time. It just so happens that I have a full-time job not at home with the kids, and that’s what this post is about!

So let it be clear that a mom staying home with her children is NO LESS of a full-time job than those moms that leave to work and have to let someone else take care of their babies. If anything it’s more work!┬áThese are the three things that a full time working mom needs to know.

One: You’ll always miss them, it will not get easier

For some odd reason, this week (and it’s only Tuesday) has been a struggle being away from our kids. Why this week? Who knows.

Some weeks are more difficult than others. I have been told that it does not get any easier!

Some days coming to work is honestly like a little break from the kids if they have been giving us a hard time! That can be enjoyable to get that break once in a while.

It seems like maybe SINCE they were giving us a hard time this past weekend with temper tantrums, attitudes, and fussiness….that this might be the reason I miss them so much during the day.

It’s like you spend time being irritated and frustrated…and that takes away from the time you have to be happy and enjoy, then you end up regretting being irritated and frustrated.

But kids need discipline too and balancing all of that is really difficult! Before you know it, everyone is happy and in a great mood… then it’s time to drop them off and leave them for over 8 hours every day for the next 5 days in a row. At night then you get what…. 2 hours with them before it’s time for the bedtime process which can be exhausting some nights!

No matter if they’ve been giving you a hard time, or if they were so well behaved that you want more time with them… you will always find some reason for missing them during the workday!

Two: You cherish those moments with them, that much more

I do really enjoy my job (finally) and I work for a great company that understands family. I am extremely lucky!

Waking up and going to work is actually alright most days since I do like it! But the days that the kids walk out the door after hugs and kisses and I get sad, those are the days that are long.

It encourages me to spend time with them when we get home. Of course, all while making dinner eating dinner and getting dogs taken care of.

It is okay to miss you, kids, during the day if you work full time. Just remember that financially you are contributing to your family to ensure they have what they need and maybe even some extra fun stuff if you’re smart about saving!

Some days or even weeks might be more difficult than other’s. You are NOT alone in this, and the days will go by fast. So cherish the moments that you do have with your children. They are being well cared for and learning all of the important things in life by whoever is their teacher at home, daycare, or school while you are away for the day.

Three: Stop with the mom guilt, stop beating yourself up

If you know me, and we get together every once in a while. Please note that my kids are my life and my world. Some may suggest that not ever taking any time for myself (which I do this even if it’s only 5 minutes per day) is not good for my own health.

I am here to tell you, that my kids ARE my health. You get me AND my kids when we do a get-together. Unless something is planned well in advance with a strict no-kid policy… you’ll most likely find them there with me. I refuse to apologize for it and I refuse to feel guilty about it. You get me…. AND our kids.

A full time working mother can feel a lot of guilt every day. Here are 3 things that the full time working mom needs to know.

So mama, stop beating yourself up about working…. it is what YOU need to do for YOUR family and do not let anyone else tell you otherwise to make you think that you should be doing different. YOU do YOU. These are the things a full time working mom needs to know.

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