Tips to get motivated about fitness

Fitness motivation - 4 tips and tricks on how to get motivated and make time for fitness in your busy mom life. These tips are free, they do not cost a thing! Just get started, yes. It really is that simple.

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Fitness is hard. It does not matter how “fit” you think you are… there is always an area in need of improvement. Please take note that I am not a professional. I have just had many years of experience in the past with sports, as well as a passion for exercising all of my life. Now we can talk fitness all we want, but what it really comes down to is DOING fitness. Getting a routine going, and keeping it going. That is your first step, just DO it. This is the first of 5 Tips to get motivated about fitness.


Tip two. Start with small goals. The importance of goals cannot be stressed enough. You need a specific goal to shoot for, start small and celebrate those small achievements in a big way. Then keep going. A small goal can be 5000 steps per day. Or 20 minutes of walking three days per week. Do not go for something so big, because frankly you will be setting up for yourself to be disappointed. Something like going to the gym 4 days per week for 30 minutes at a time can be a hard goal for one to succeed at if they are starting out for the first time or picking up fitness after a long break. Stay away from weight losing goals, these tend to frustrate more than motivate. Get yourself a goal setting planner and write these goals down. When you cross them off, and accomplish your small goal, then give yourself a fun reward by doing something you enjoy doing. Movie night with pizza? That would be my favorite! Simple, small, yet so relaxing and rewarding after knowing I accomplished my fitness goal.

Stop making Excuses – 120 minutes per week is recommended. Make Time.

Tip three. Excuses excuses…. we’re all good at them. Stop it. You’re Too tired. Too busy. Not enough time in a day. No gym membership. Never get time alone. The list goes on and on. Here’ a guide on how to get started with fitness as a busy mother. Well, let me tell you…. you don’t need a gym membership or money, and only 20 minutes per day for 6 days or 30 minutes 4 days per week of moderate activity gets you to the recommended 120 minutes of exercise per week. So get yourself up 20 minutes early and head to a room where you can turn on some music, find a YouTube video and move. Or what about that 20 minute walk around the neighborhood with the stroller and/or dogs? You guys…. honestly it’s so easy! Not to mention you will feel GREAT!! after. So stop with the excuses, here’s how.

No Equipment Required

Tip four. A common misconception is needing equipment, or a gym membership. Now if it is a motivational thing, then great! Go ahead and get that membership. But really, the money spent might not be worth it. All you need is yourself. Do you have music? Most people do. YouTube? Again, most people do. Utilize what you have and use your floor, and yourself to do strength exercises. There are so many ways to get your heart rate up doing stationary aerobic routines right at home. This goes back to no excuses… because equipment is not required, nor is a gym membership.

Fitness motivation - 4 tips and tricks on how to get motivated and make time for fitness in your busy mom life. These tips are free, they do not cost a thing! Just get started, yes. It really is that simple.

4 Easy Things to Remember about Fitness – Tips to get motivated about fitness

1. Don’t just talk…. DO!

2. Set SMALL achievable goals for yourself.

3. NO EXCUSES! 120 minutes is recommended. Use a fitbit to track your time. Make time.

4. You don’t need equipment, or any memberships. Just YOURSELF.

Now take these 4 tips to get motivated about fitness and start moving. If you need direction…. I am here! Free of charge ❤ let’s work together as a team to motivate and inspire fitness. You got this mama, cheers!

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