Improve in these 3 wellness areas

No time for wellness she says! It's time to make time to take care of ourselves as mothers! There are 3 areas of wellness that should be focused on. Raising children is exhausting and we need to find the energy to keep up with them every day! Moms are allowed to be tired and we are allowed to rest, that is a part of wellness and we need it to keep our sanity!

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Health and wellness is a broad topic. What is wellness? What does it mean? It is different for each and every person. For some it’s exercise and others it’s diet. Wellness can mean the health of your mind and spirit also! How do YOU meet YOUR OWN needs? How about we chat briefly about all three? What can we do to encourage wellness when it comes to our body, belly, and mind?! Let me share on how you can Improve in these 3 wellness areas to feel better and more energized!

1. Exercise.

Wellness of the physical strength of your body. The ability and willingness to be active. The American Heart Association states that only 10,000 steps per day significantly reduces the risk of cancer and disease. Now if only we could get every human on this planet to walk 10,000 steps per day. There are definitely days that I struggle reaching half of that! Get up and move every day. Whether you have time to do an intense cardio workout or weight training session, or only have a split second to do some minor stretching and quick movements at your work desk. Any movement, is good movement. Exercise will help you to feel more energized! Backwards…. right?! You would think that you would be more exhausted from a good workout. Activity also helps to reduce stress and can help one to gain self respect and self worth.

Give a 10 minute walk a try, just even 3 times per week. You’ll find that after just this little active part of your day… you’ll feel better about yourself and open the door to more positive thoughts and actions! Slowly increasing the amount of exercise you do will help to make it a part of your daily routine and you’ll sink into a habit of working out before you know it! Fitbit’s are a great way to track your steps and exercise. Easy to set up and very user friendly!

2. Diet/nutrition

The knowledge of nutrition that I have is next to none. But what I am able to share is that I can tell when we’ve ate out too much or if we have had a “bad eating” weekend. (Bad being sugars, sweets, junk food, etc.) The importance of drinking enough H2O is something that cannot be stressed enough! The benefits of a simple glass of water is far more than you could possibly imagine. It cleanses, energizes, and keeps your body and skin hydrated. In turn, you look and feel outstanding and more awake when you’ve had enough H2O! Always ALWAYS keep a bottle of water with you, so… when you’re thirsty. Drink water. Not soda or juice. Not even powerade or Gatorade. Just good plain old water! Add a squirt of lemon for a taste, something different!

On the food front of things, veggies and fruits have top notch nutritional value. I cannot attest to veggies because I dislike them… with a passion. I stick to fruits! Careful about the natural sugars here though. Next in line is protein, and to rid of carbs. Wish I had more advice on this, but I do not because bread is my ultimate weakness!!! Last but not least, cut the sweets. We do not keep sweets in our house so we are not tempted. Occasionally we’ll have a bowl of ice cream or a chocolate bar. You know your body best… pick one aspect to work on (eating more of, or eating less of) and give that a try for at least two weeks. Nutrition takes time, any change to a diet and you won’t see results for 2-4 weeks of changing something consistently. It takes dedication, but is totally worth it!

3. The mind and spirit

This is a tough one. But you should not just go for the previous two areas! We need to improve in these 3 wellness areas as a whole! Do your best to be optimistic and positive, it will help to increase your quality of life. Are you able to listen to your own mind and body to determine what it is that YOU need to be …. “well”? Reducing stress and having healthy coping mechanisms for other mental flaws is also important. Every brain is different. Personally…. my brain steers negatively with worry and pessimism. However, since the new year I have been working diligently on being more optimistic. This not only makes for a more positive attitude, but helps the mind to stay calm in reducing worry.

How do you think? Consider changing small things like counting to three before speaking, this helps with what I call “word vomit”! Before automatically speaking my mind too quickly which usually is something negative… I can turn it around to be something positive about a situation or person within three seconds. You would be surprised at how this can change the way you feel about yourself and the way that you act. Your words and actions towards others, can seriously impact that way that the other person feels. So take a minute to step back, breath, meditate and let your mind tell YOU what YOU need to be well.

When you have your own wellness under control (which will be an every day work in progress); you can help others feel better about themselves and how they care for themselves by showing and sharing the importance of wellness with positive comments and actions.

What are YOUR goals to improve your wellness? Please share! And never be shy to try something new. Let’s work to improve in these 3 wellness areas and start taking care of ourselves!

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