Women are held to ridiculously high standards in terms of looks. This article is my favorite find (short and sweet) on how and why celebs are on the #nomakeup bandwagon.


There are so many positives to not wearing makeup, the only con is that when you do not wear any makeup at all, it reveals all of the imperfections. Is that honestly really worth the time, effort, and toxic chemicals you are putting on your face? Granted there are natural options to make up, and that is so much better than the pore-clogging stuff most women use.

I have been doing a no makeup Monday for quite some time. It was difficult at first, being out of the home where strangers can see every little crease, dark circle, blemish, and any pimples. Then I realized that my face feels good! At night when washing… there’s not a rag full of disgusting rainbow colors coming off of my face! Other people can look at me and think “wow, she looks tired” (some people even say something), or stare because I might be crazy for not getting dolled up. Dude… who freaking cares? I do NOT care! What I do care about it how to keep my skin healthy and fresh all meanwhile feeling like a beautiful woman letting people see the real me. Now running into someone I know…. that’s when the real looks start. Yes, I look different, because no… I do not have any makeup on. Guess what, I FEEL GREAT!

Believe it or not, in doing this it gave me a new found confidence in the way I look. It feels truthful, like there’s nothing to hide! Women are beautiful in all of their natural beauty. inside AND out! I urge you to pick one day per week and brave the public… with no makeup. You will be amazed at how quickly you become comfortable in your OWN skin!

Advantages to not wearing makeup far outweigh the negatives. Makeup clogs pores, you can detox your face by not wearing ANY. There will be a phase that’s probably not all that great but after letting your skin breathe you will find that it feels free and clean. You’ll never feel better. Saving money is a huge one, toss all that $%&^ away and don’t buy any more. The amount of $ you save is insane. You do not have to worry about “touch up” when you go out, or makeup being out of place; it lessens your time spent in front of the mirror. You might even get out of the house on time for once!

The most important advantage of no makeup is that you become your most pure and transparent self. You may struggle at first, this is why I urge you to pick one day during the week to take this no makeup thing for a test run. But after a few tries…. women are finding that they have decreased stress and increased self confidence.

So what about those people who make comments like “you look tired today!” or “something is different about you today”. ? Catch them off guard by saying, I feel great, never better! I feel wide awake and clean. Or, Yup! I am not wearing makeup because I am doing a skin detox to help cleanse my pores and let all of the chemicals exit my skin, you should give it a try! Alicia Keys, Adele, Mila, and many other celebs go bare because of the advantages of feeling like the purest version of themselves, standards are lowered and women have never been more beautiful than when they are when makeup-less.

Join me in choosing one day to flaunt that beautiful skin of yours. Or even better yet, go cold turkey with no makeup for two weeks. You never know… you may never go back.

Be your most bold and beautiful self.

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