Ways to Reduce Travel Anxiety

How to be able to relax when traveling with young children? As a mother of two boys that are very young, it has been a lot of trial and error! We did find ways to reduce the stress and anxiety of traveling with kids on an airplane. Traveling on a plane can be overwhelming but we did finally find some tips that help make that easier! It is possible for mom and dad to stay calm during travel whether it is on a plane or in a car with young kids! Travel when you can and while they are young.

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Did you know, that statics show that flying on an airplane is safer than riding in a car?! Check out USA Today’s article on this. Still have a fear? Let’s talk about ways to reduce travel anxiety today. With or without children, as a parent consumed by anxiety, this is one of the most difficult ones to overcome!

I have a serious fear of flying. Maybe it’s more or less the airport themselves (thank you Dad, for passing on your fear of flying). Although nothing bad has ever happened to me on a plane, or in an airport! The security is ridiculous, understandably so. But does the TSA honestly have to be so rude all of the time? They actually end up being really kind when you are a mom traveling with young children. But alone or just a couple traveling? Like okay, Is it really necessary to be so mean? No! Its not! But we, as travelers, need to understand that their job really does suck. People seem to have trouble hearing, listening, and following instructions! Just do as they say and no one will get ticked off. When people get ticked off is when the anxiety level increases and patience gets short.

We fly out for a vacation here soon, and I am SO anxious! But with my husband by my side and our two little ones there to make us laugh and giggle, we will take every minute of it with a grain of salt, take a few deep breaths and understand that it will be a-o-k! It is so important to just go with the flow! Either way that we look at it, you could say that kids actually end up reducing anxiety as well as increasing it at times. They keep us busy and distract us from what we usually would make us so incredibly anxious. Take flying for instance, here is what I have discovered the past two years flying as a mother with young children!

Ways you stay busy on the plane!

1. Keeping a kid busy keeps you busy! Coloring, movies with fancy headphones for kids, games, traveling art projects, pipe cleaners, and window stickers!

2. If you can get them to fall asleep, those cuddles on a plane are amazing. Take that moment to realize how precious your babe is and soak it all in.

3. If they are mobile, just trying to get them to sit still is a task in itself and takes a lot of time! This will keep you busy!

4. Snacks snacks snacks. They eat. You eat. They drink. You drink. Everyone stays happy with a full belly.

5. The staff at airports and on the plane are so much more kind when you have cute kids staring them down.

Remember to Breathe

Take a deep breath, you’ll be on the ground before you know it. Your kids think it’s pretty darn cool since they most likely do not get to do it very often! Window seats are amazing to take it all in. The beauty in this world is unreal…. but it is real, it’s there!

Anxiety by definition according to dictionary.com is ” a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome.”

The thing about an uncertain outcome is actually… most things in life are uncertain! It is really difficult to control every aspect of life. Instead it is easier to let go, loosen the reigns a bit; sit back and relax. This is definitely easier said than done. Tools that have personally helped me overcome anxiety are easy and completely free of charge (might seem silly, but they do work every time) and are ways to reduce travel anxiety as well!

1. Sit down, close your eyes, and count up to ten and back down.

2. Then breathe in for the count of 5, and out for the count of 7. Deep breaths do amazing things.

3. Unplug from phones, computers, television, radio, and even books. Sit in silence for a minute and focus on “nothing”.

4. Sleep. When you are tired, sleep. Prevent over exertion and exhaustion. Being exhausted puts you at higher risk of feeling anxious.

5. Drink an 8 ounce glass of water to refresh and re hydrate.

It is all about taking a minute! Honestly. As grown human beings, we tend to move too fast and it is crucial to slow down to take a minute and soak up the world’s natural beauty and count our blessings.

With these ways to reduce travel anxiety, please still wish us luck in our flying travels with two young children. 🙂

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