Get Rid of Chemicals in Your Life

Get Rid of Chemicals in your life with Young Living Essential Oils! It has changed my life forever and it can change yours too. Feeling less anxious and more healthy has allowed me to play with my boys and feel better about myself!

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Blog post warning…. this one is all about my Young Living, striving to be a part of a chemical free lifestyle! Feel free to skip this one if it doesn’t interest you. 🙂 It is a passion of mine and I’m super stoked to share all about it . Get Rid of Chemicals in your life to! Start here. Start now!

You SAVE money when you get rid of chemicals!

DIY is how you end up SAVING money on this stuff. Sign up here to get 24% off pricing and be able to order your favorite oils whenever you need! If you use this number, (17777049) you’ll be invited to be a part of an entire team that works together to give advice, educate, and coach others on this wellness journey! Even after buying the jars and carrier oils and such! Which I will share my favorite links to these too. Not to mention the no chemicals and great smells coming from your cleaning supplies, lotions, soaps, facial scrubs, lip balm, dryer sheets, antibacterial wipes, and even something as simple as lavender pillow spray to help those sweet dreams of yours!

Practice Safe Use

Something that is important to me is practicing safe use. I love the “Using EOs Safely” Facebook group. Let me know if you are interested and I can send you a request. A common question is: are oils safe for kids? Check it out and make your own judgement call. I do diffuse and use topically keeping in mind that oils be extremely diluted! We use coconut oil or almond oil as a carrier oil! You can even pre-dilute the oils and use these mason jars to store it in. Always store your oils in glass!

How it all started, and how it is changing our lives

I was skeptical of the whole oils thing for the longest time. Our mom used to use tea tree for the pups on their paws and other doggy injuries, and she always used lavender, for everything. Something about lavender was calming to me. So that is where it all started. One measly little 10 dollar bottle of lavender (off brand). Then after that, peppermint for headaches. If you’ve ever had a migraine you know the pain they cause. The smell of peppermint alone helped my headaches (with the addition of Excedrin). Then a friend shared her diffuser with me and that is what did me in. I started diffusing oils in our home and the effects were crazy (in a good way). Calming, energizing, helping with stuffy noses and sicknesses, and even smells that would make us feel just happy in general. It is true, just a smell can make a person happy! Think about it… what do you think of when you smell fresh popcorn? Or the smell of a good glass of red wine, it makes you happy, right?! Why not lavender, citrus, or other minty smells? They work wonders.

I do it for the health benefits, not for the cash

Then the decision was made with my husbands approval (because he is extremely sensitive to smells, all kinds of smells). I jumped on the Young Living bandwagon, and I have loved every minute of it. I share muscle rubs and lotions at work, roller bottles in my purse and at my desk to help reduce stress and headaches at work. SHARING IS CARING! I utilize oils enough where the rewards program with Young Living, and sharing with others that sign up, my oils pay for themselves AND maybe even a little extra cash on the side comes in. The cash is NOT why I do this! Our family saves money by making our own, and our bodies will thank us in the long run for eliminating the use of toxic chemicals in our home.

This is just the beginning

This is just the beginning of an amazing journey to get rid of chemicals and I’d love for you to join me. You have my full attention and support in guiding you along the way. And if I do not know… I KNOW someone who will know. Amazon prime is a WONDERFUL thing people… absolutely wonderful.

There is going to be a D.I.Y post of my favorite face scrub, hand soap, and all purpose cleaner in a different blog! I look forward to sharing more with you!

If this peaks your interest please message me. This topic what I am most passionate about and I am here to help you get rid of chemicals! And if you are skeptical of the healing powers and properties of essential oils, just google some stories. This is the best possible wellness move that I have ever made and I cannot wait to continue this journey. Eliminate the chemicals in your home, and with my help I will guide you along the way! Of course there will be more posts to come, this is just an introduction into the oily life that I love!

Leah Custer
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