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Mothers need help with time management. These tips and tricks make it easier to be able to manage time when raising those crazy little humans that cause so much chaos!

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Dictionary result for time management according to google

noun; the ability to use one’s time effectively or productively, especially at work. “time management is the key to efficient working”

Something about this makes me upset. “especially at work”.

Dear Mr. Dictionary, please be a parent for a day and then come back and tell me “especially at work”. Don’t think so, you are so very wrong about especially at work. This should be, “especially at home.”

If you are a stay at home mom, a working mom, a working dad or stay at home dad; you know all too well that managing time is important in achieving a successful family/work balance.

Unfortunately, this probably will not be successful some times but there are key points in time management that will help balance fun at home and work at home (let’s take work at work out of the equation for our sake right now)! My eBook will help you in more detail!

There’s never enough time in one day

There are seriously not enough hours in the day to do everything that needs to be done. What is important…. is spending time with your family. Pick and choose your battles.

Crockpot dinners are the best. And if you feel like you are missing too much by cooking dinner then pick one night per week where someone else cooks for you and you can just pick it up on the way home.

These nights, in our home, are the best nights ever.

1. No cleanup or dishes to be done.

2. We get an extra 45 minutes or even almost one full hour with the kids and with one another.

There is absolutely no crime in order takeout once per week, especially if it helps to keep you sane!

Stop with the multi-tasking ALL OF THE TIME

We are so guilty in our home trying to multitask 90% of the time. Which leads to the kids and dog not getting enough attention. There’s that mom guilt again.

Time to put down the dirty dishes, the pile of laundry and start playing trucks and tractors!

Thank goodness for Grove Collaborative to keep me in line when it comes to cleaning our house. We can always throw in a load of laundry right before the kids’ bath time, so then by the time they are done and in bed… it’ll be ready to throw in the dryer!

After bedtime we can clean up dishes and then little do you know… you have accomplished something and that couch, a glass of red, and episode of Modern Family is calling your name! Relaxing at the end of the evening is key to getting a good night’s sleep. It helps no one trying to go to bed all wound up and stressed out.

Get up EARLY

In all honesty, you will get more done in the one hour before everyone wakes up in the morning, and in a couple of hours after everyone goes to bed at night. Allow yourself a couple of days during the week to sleep longer, but it is super amazing how fast and efficient things can get done when no one is bothering you!

Get that 20-30 minute workout in first thing in the morning, then by the time you are done getting ready for the day it’ll be time to get everyone else ready and out the door. Then grab that protein-filled egg muffin you made on Sunday evening, (a full week’s worth), pop it in the microwave and off you go with a healthy breakfast … and coffee!!!!!

Work is work, that will all get done. Then, there are the crazy evening hours. It is important to get good sleep too!

If only there were more hours to sleep

Where do we even start? Taking all the advice on this one because I am home and I am outnumbered by kids and dogs during the evening!

Ok, so maybe the dog can wait to eat a bit later, kids and mom fed first! It is so important to learn that things can wait, they really can. Personally I struggle with this, I enjoy a clean and picked up house way too much and need to learn to let it go once in a while.

So do as I say, not as I do.

Multi-tasking can come in handy with the kids too. As I nurse the little one, the big one plays trucks and tractors right next to us. Man does that big brother like to “help”. We praise him for trying and laugh that it is totally and completely counterproductive 90% of the time.

I sneakily pick up toys as we play at the same time so, at the end of playtime in the evening, he’s not so overwhelmed by helping pick up the toys.

Dinner is a different game. Crumbs and pieces of food everywhere, the dog definitely is a handy vacuum cleaner after dinner time!

The two-year-old actually gets a kick out of putting his dishes in the sink, “I DO IT!” Is what he says. So as long as the important food gets into the fridge and dishes are not where the dog can eat off of them…. back to playtime, dance time, book time and maybe even a TV show time.

Yes, we let our children have limited screen time. If you’ve got a problem with it then you obviously are some sort of superhuman that never EVER needs a break! I enjoy a break for 5 minutes since that’s about all of the time we get out of it. Find even more detail in this kindle book!


Routine, kids LOVE routine, as do adults! It helps us know what time and what is coming next. At our house, the magic time is between 7 and 7 15. Pick up toys, help make coffee, put money in a piggy bank, bath, story, prayers, song, lights out and bed by 7 45.

Just recently the little one has been able to also get in his crib by 8 pm. (still working on the falling asleep part). We are lucky, but also we have instilled this routine on our kids at an extremely young age.

This way we also know that after 8 pm (most nights) its time for mom and dad to enjoy some time. Whether we chose to work at cleaning, cooking or finishing a house project…. this is our time to ourselves. Most of the time, it’s wind downtime with a television show. Nothing wrong with any of that!

Time management….. chaos management….. multi-tasking….. its just about everything BUT managing time “especially at work”.

Recap Tips and Tricks

1. Meals are prepped (from the weekend, or from the morning before heading into work), crockpot or order out. Seriously, get yourself an instapot.

2. The dirty dishes and laundry and dirty house can wait.

3. Use the kids to your advantage, they do enjoy helping!

4. Use screen time, it will save your sanity most days.


6. Take time to yourself every night, (5 minutes or a full hour) to wind down and get a good night’s rest.

Have you heard of Emily Ley?  Check her out! Love her planners, get yourself a planner and just write down your schedules, thoughts, and lists!  Lists probably help far more than you would ever think.

Good luck. Stay sane, and do it again tomorrow!

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