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Tips on how to make veggies taste good

How to make veggies taste good, tips and tricks on how to cook vegetables and make them a side with a meal. Quick easy ways to make veggies

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That’s right, the green stuff. Not the money, but the leafy things. Vegetables? Is that what those are? Definitely not my favorite, sorry! Let’s see if we can find out how to make veggies taste good. I’ve got some ideas for you!

I have always been a carbo-load kind of gal. A big plate of spaghetti with parmesan cheese and garlic cheesy bread. Mmm Mmm. Hungry much?

What can we do to make these vegetables more bearable? Anyone? Thoughts and comments welcome because I’ll take any ideas to get our kids (and myself) to eat them!

It’s honestly a daily struggle and we do NOT get all of our servings in. So do as I say, not as I do!

I’ve never enjoyed them… ever!

My husband has always loved salads, he will eat just about any salad you put in front of him. As for myself… no thanks. The only way that I will actually eat them is baked, roasted, and doused in cheese sauce!

Otherwise, corn and potatoes are about the extent of the veggie intake in our family. Be honest with yourself, if you won’t eat them do not waste the money on buying them. Here are a few of the more tasty ways to sneak those veggies in. You can make veggies taste good, with these sneaky tricks!

Dip them!

Kids like to dip! They dip everything, our two-year-old wanted steak sauce for no reason last night and was dipping his lasagna in it.

Make it a carrot and we’ve got a winner! Carrots with ranch, even for an adult that pretty much hits the spot. And all you need is one cup of those baby carrots for a snack, and one out of three veggie servings for the day is done!

Sides with dinner

Our favorite side with dinner is roasting broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, potatoes, and carrots. Spread them out on a cookie sheet with some olive oil and salt and pepper. 400 degrees for about 40 minutes. This is so simple!

Get yourself an air fryer, it’s even easier than roasting!

It takes little to no time so once it is in the oven then mom and the kids can play! Of course, the little ones need that ranch on the side. Roasted seems to be the best way to make veggies taste good as a side dish with dinner.

Don’t have time to “make healthy”? Think again.

Make them sounds “impressively fun”

I had a friend over the weekend share with me that to help get her kid to eat a healthier breakfast, she had him help make the breakfast muffins. And mama…. the “hulk” name is the best way to disguise where the green color actually came from! So genius!

So, if you can get those little helpers in the kitchen I will bet you that they will be more inclined to eat what they helped make since they know exactly what is in it! It’s quite clever if you think about it.

Blend it in a shake

If you are starting a diet and the veggie servings are just not what you are used to then figure out a way to work them in with stuff that you already like. Putting kale in a protein shake is a great way to blend the taste in with something more enjoyable.

There are so many recipes to try with veggies!

How to make veggies taste good, tips and tricks on how to cook vegetables and make them a side with a meal. Quick easy ways to make veggies

Just keep trying

If you like vegetables, good for you and curse you at the same time because I am extremely jealous that it is effortless for you to eat them! I highly encourage that you share your favorite veggie dishes with us.

This time of year a lot of diets have kicked in and everyone needs fresh new ideas to keep things interesting! Some times folks…. the most interesting dishes are the simplest and most delicious. Less is more.

Now here I am off to figure out what that side is for dinner with chicken. I know it is NOT a salad, maybe that roasted cauliflower because that sounds delish. Good luck staying healthy out there!

Oh, it is okay to not get all those servings in and maybe you like fruit more 😉 I’m still alive, the last time I ate veggies was 1/2 cup of canned corn with butter and salt two weeks ago. I’m still here people…. still here, alive and kickin’.


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