How Mom Can Get Her Energy BACK

3 tips and tricks on how mom can get her energy back. Motherhood is exhausting and these tips on getting energy back will help a mother remember that she is doing a great job and she is not alone! #momlife #tiredmom #motherhood

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Had an off week? There’s always an off week, probably more often than anyone would like to admit. How do we make that off week better? We know that it’s just a phase and it will get better. That one week will not last forever. It’s okay to put the supermom powers to rest once in a while. But let’s talk about how a mom can get her energy back. Believe it or not, there are some tips and tricks on how to get more energy as a mother!

SuperMom … You Say?

What does super-mom even mean? I had a co-worker comment on how “you are like a super mom… I don’t even know how you do it all”. Well, I do not do it all! I write when time allows, there are always dishes in the sink and laundry to be folded. Our home is a mess all of the time. What comes first is the kids, always. If that means supermom, then ALL moms are supermoms! We just had one of those off weeks that does not make for feeling like a hero with supermom powers. I do have the help of Grove Collaborative in keeping my house as clean as it possibly can be, but some times it just needs to wait. If you sign up with GC here, you’ll get a free gift set with your first order. I dare you to try, they definitely keep me more organized than I had ever thought.

In one weekend we had already started potty training for a 2.5-year-old, we had a sick 3-month-old and an extra dog in the house to watch. Little did we know that was about to get more chaotic; when we had a doctor visit Monday, an ER visit Tuesday come to find out the baby got hit with RSV. We are so blessed and fortunate enough to not have been admitted to the hospital, we noticed his breathing early enough where a simple nebulizer treatment helped with breathing and antibiotics were helping with the ear infection. So mom and dad took turns staying home from work (which leads to a more chaotic workday). The toddler was starting to get sad because we could not pay as much attention to him which lead to acting out. Talk about a supermom…. more like a super-tired-mom. Ho

So then… do tell… How Mom Can Get Her Energy Back?!

1. Rest for a second and take deep breaths

So here we are, on the mend. I cannot help but think about those moms out there that are doing this on their own with no help. Or the moms that have twins and both babies get hit with such a sickness like RSV at the same time. I pray for those moms and for God to give them even more strength than they already have. The moms where the husband is gone for work, or overseas fighting for our country. Moms that are sick themselves yet still get the little ones taken care of first. YOU are the SUPERMOMS! Let that sink in, sit down for a second and take a couple of deep breaths… this is a way that you can get some of that energy back. Taking a break is super important, and some times it does seem impossible but it really is not. Take a breath mama, take a deep breath and just sit. Yes, SIT DOWN! Center yourself before moving onto the next supermom task that you have to accomplish.

2. Understand that this too… shall pass.

We might all be a super parent in our own way and some times it doesn’t feel like it. But let’s remember that 1. It’s just a phase and it will pass. 2. There are indeed others out there that are in a more unfortunate situation, but they still power through.

I am no supermom you guys, actually quite far from it. The job of being a mom was questioned this last week because we had those nights where the baby would only sleep sitting in my arms, and the days where he would cry in my arms so uncomfortably and the toddler would say “mommy, you play with me?” My reaction was “Hunny, mommy can’t right now because the baby is upset.” The look he gave me was heart-crushing. It was questioned because it felt like I could not handle it, even WITH help. And now, it has passed. Thank goodness, it has passed. It will always pass mama, try and remember that! These kids are little ONCE. You hear it all of the time and you are probably super sick of hearing it. But really, they are little only once and you will never EVER get this time back with them. Soak up the cuddles, and try to laugh off some of those times where there’s nothing else you can do, other than laugh. How mom can get her energy back? …. Don’t second guess yourself! It’s emotionally draining!

3. Do not question your ability to mother. YOU ARE DOING GREAT.

In the end, we handled it, and we handled it just fine. We might be exhausted, and we might have a messy house. But we are all starting to get healthy again, and we all have more time to spend with each other and play together as a family. It was an off week, And now, the weeks will be better because it was just a phase, and we powered through.

Please remember that the chaos of getting off schedule or going out of the norm is not that big of a deal and it will happen, that is inevitable. Some times you just need to go with the flow, especially if it means taking care of your own or your loved one’s health. Everything else this past week did not matter, as long as everyone in our home got healthy and well-rested (which we are still working on!) Never EVER question your ability to be a mother. The energy will come back by itself within time, just give it some time. It can be so hard at the moment, it really can. We are at the hardest point in our lives with two LITTLE LITTLE ones in the house and two dogs (one a puppy). It makes things MORE exhausting if all we do is sit here and worry, the second guess ourselves and just constantly think. Your mental health is just as important (if not more) than your physical health, mama. So be patient, take a breath, remember it will pass and never question yourself. Thinking hurts the brain!

3 tips and tricks on how mom can get her energy back. Motherhood is exhausting and these tips on getting energy back will help a mother remember that she is doing a great job and she is not alone! #momlife #tiredmom #motherhood

Hang In There!

Hang in there, super parents. It is just a phase, and it will pass. We are ALL super parents one way or another. No one of us is better or more super than the rest. Knowing it is all going to be okay and telling yourself you are doing a great job is how a mom can get her energy back after those off weeks! Managing time is the key to keeping those energy levels up. You can check out this blog post and make sure to include this quick 12-page kindle eBook read in your next break from the kids.

Bring on the next weeks and may they be filled with better, more optimistic happenings than the last. Cheers with that wine mama… cheers!

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