Get Better Sleep with These Natural Tips and Tricks

Tips and tricks on how to get better sleep for tired moms. Motherhood is exhausting and these natural tips and tricks will help you to get better quality sleep. #sleep #naturalremedies #sleeping #motherhood

Are you tired, mama? Silly question isn’t it?! Of course, you are exhausted! So lets talk about how to get better sleep with these natural tips and tricks

According to The Sleep Foundation, one-third of people do not get the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep. In fact, they only get about 6.8 hours per night.

Don’t know about you… but I’m not even able to function off of 7 hours of sleep! Let’s talk about how to get better sleep with these natural tips and tricks.

So here I am… on the elliptical planning the arm strength workout for the morning. 5:30 a.m. is probably not early for most of you but this new routine is going to take some getting used to! It means I’ll need to be in bed sleeping by 9:30.

We all know that when you lay your head down on the pillow that your mind will start racing and you won’t actually be sleeping for another hour (at least)! There are natural remedies that will help you to develop healthy sleeping habits!

More Exercise – Not Less

The most natural remedy possible when it comes to getting better sleep, believe it or not, is getting more exercise and in-taking less caffeine. It actually can increase energy levels.

Take a quick 10-minute walk and you’ll feel more energized. Rest can do the same, a short 20-minute catnap does work wonders.

Let’s be real though, some times one or two cups of coffee just won’t cut it, I personally had 4 yesterday. Mama, you go right ahead and sport those dark circles like a pro, because you are a pro mom, and being exhausted is in the job description.

Essential Oils

Our family strives to be toxin-free and essential oils are a large part of that lifestyle. Essential oils are huge for our family and how we are able to get better sleep with these natural tips and tricks. We work calming oils into our nighttime routine and it has made a huge difference in the past year. Diffusing gentle baby upstairs during our bath and bed routine for the kids, lavender in mom and dad’s room along with peace and calming on the main level to wind down for the day.

There are so many options for diffusers. If you want to know more and learn about the benefits of essential oils you just let me know. You can check out the Young Living website, or shoot me a message directly. This is a passion of mine, and I love to share my knowledge!

Moms need sleep! We are the most sleep-deprived humans on the planet. With these tips on how to get better sleep, you will notice an increase in the quality of your sleep! Dive right in and take note of these natural remedies for sleeping better at night! #sleep #natural #remedies #motherhood #momlife

It’s okay to be tired

It is okay to be tired and exhausted especially after the day you just had. Wake up, get yourself ready and everyone else in the house. Routine is super important and it gives you a sense of organization.

Every day I wake up, shower, work out (o.k. maybe not every day), and get the fur babies taken care of. Feed me and the kids, then it’s out the door HOPEFULLY on time!

If you do the same thing at the same time every morning, you will notice that immediately your mind and body will feel better knowing what’s coming every day, but that does not mean that you won’t be tired. and that’s okay!

After the long workday

Then there’s the workday; no one really actually knows what that will bring so just sit back and enjoy the ride, it’s important to go with the flow. Prepare yourself for the mad rush to get home, get the kids, and the fur babies again. Make dinner for the house, put dinner away and your toddler has toys everywhere that you continuously step on. Not to mention there’s a load of laundry to be done. Again, it might be the same thing almost every evening, but routine can help make things less exhausting.

Dinner’s done, kids down, fur babies are taken care of so now you can take care of yourself, right? Not quite, it’s already 9p.m. Time for bed!

In addition to these three tips, there are a few more things that will help you to get better sleep with these natural tips and tricks.

Get better sleep with these natural tips and tricks

Utilize a morning routine

This will help get you out the door on time (most days) and make sure that this morning routine includes a healthy PROTEIN filled breakfast, even just a protein bar or shake.

Use the morning commute to ramp up for the day

Let the commute to your morning destination to be relaxed. Enjoy a cup of coffee, tea, or water and crank up that Monday morning anthem or comedy talk radio to lighten the mood.

Go with the flow during the workday

Work will be work no matter what you do and you cannot control it. Keep healthy energizing snacks like nuts, trail mix, peanut butter, and yogurt in your desk drawers. Take that 10-minute walk, read a book or articles and maybe even get a catnap in. Breaks are so important during the workday.

Wind down on the way home

Get that water bottle full and use the radio or just plain silence to take a few breaths and calm down thinking of the positive things of the day being able to let the negative things go.

Evening is family ONLY time

When you are home, leave work at work. This is family time. Have a little idea of what’s for dinner so you are not scrambling when you walk through the door and use the evening hours to spend time with loved ones. You can also use this time to do some minor workouts at home with simple yoga, stretching, and a band or dumbbell. My personal favorite is to get outside for a walk, sports, campfires, or grill dinner.

Bedtime routine for the kids

Now, remember the kids don’t want to sleep. It can be a serious battle. Be patient knowing that they just want to spend time with mom and dad because they were separated from you all day. Bedtime stories, prayers, and songs are so important for little ones. Our 2-year-old CRAVES storytime and always asks for prayers and “tinkle tinkle wittle star”.

Bedtime routie for mom and dad

Take a hot shower or a warm bath to calm your muscles and mental energy. Obviously no caffeine before bed because that makes things more difficult.

No screen time before bed

We do not have a television in our bedroom. Screens and TV right before bed get your mind racing. Looking at your phone with the terrible screen light is a strain on your eyes and also causes your mind to race making it difficult to fall asleep. Turn off the tv, put down the phone, and read a book, or just lay down flat on your back and count breaths.

Get thoughts out of your head and onto paper

If something pops in your head write it down or make a list so you can let it go and remember to think about it tomorrow, it will not go anywhere in the next 7-8 hours you will be sleeping. Because you WILL get that 7-8 hours right?!

Sleep better with natural tips and tricks. Click here to see the list of the best ways to naturally get better sleep. As a busy mother, sleep is always good! #sleep #natural #goodsleep #motherhood #mother

You’re doing great, keep it up!

Mama, you are doing a great job and you GOT this. There are days you will feel more exhausted than others. Just remember to get better sleep with these natural tips and tricks and you’ll feel better in no time.

Cheers, Mama!

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  1. I love this! Must share. Thanks for taking the time! I’m a morning exerciser as well but my kids and I all tJs a two hour midday nap! I’m not a caffeine junkie lol I don’t even like coffee! When I feel tired I just make a commitment to more sleep (not less with the help if coffee?” In my teen years my mom was shocked by how much I slept! But I’m tall so my theory is that I was growing! Lastly, my best friend and now sister-in-law bonded over our love for naps in college! Sleep is king! Great anthem choice! Cheers mama!

  2. […] Work is work, that will all get done. Then, there are the crazy evening hours. It is important to get good sleep […]

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